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  1. pepperkorn67

    !! Urgent but not life threatening !! Chick shoes -- ever too soon?

    Sorry I've been searching but I'm frantic - you guys are wonderfully patient!! A chick had trouble hatching and she;s out but her toes didn't develop properly (we had to unzip the shell for her - malpositioned) She didn't have enough resistance to get her toes formed right - I could tell as...
  2. pepperkorn67

    Day 14 - we started them out fat side down in the incubator!!!

    Is there anything to be done about it now? We started our hatching with clean eggs from our chickens - didnt sterilize but there was no poo on any of them. My husband put them fat side down in the incubator -- we have some DARK black spots as if the chick is sticking to the shell -- is all...
  3. pepperkorn67

    A Hen died and I'm not sure why

    Today I found one of my hens dead in our coop. Here is the back story: We have 7 Barred Rock pullets (all our girls will be a year in April) 7 Jersey Giants and one Jersey Giant roo. They live in a 10x10 horse stall and have always seemed to have plenty of room to run around. They have 6...
  4. pepperkorn67

    BR roo?

    Hi all - we have 9 Barred rocks and they all look exactly alike. they pretty much all had big yellow dots on their heads as chicks - they were splotchy and ran down their necks a little too. I started paying attention to this when they were all about 4 days old - dont know if spots spread by...
  5. pepperkorn67

    Double post -- sorry!!

    double post! Oops please delete!
  6. pepperkorn67

    New from NJ

    Hi! We just got our first little flock... it may end up huge though. On April 21st we bought 10 Jersey Giant chicks and 10 Barred Rocks. I love them - I didn't expect to like them soo much! I'll be posting in What Gender about our BRs. we seem to have 10 of the same gender whatever that may...
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