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    Progress post: Barred rock with labored/gurgling breathing after five days of Tylan 50 injections

    My barred rock roo is doing so much better after a round of Tylan 50. He was to the point that his lungs sounded filled with fluid. That seems to have subsided. I am a bit more concerned about his chest feathers. I still think it may just be a hen or the other roo doing it, but I’ve not seen it...
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    Gurgling sounds from roo

    My eight month old Barred Rock roo has always had this gurgling breathing (since mature). I ordered Tylan 50 injectable and have it here, but he’s the only one in the flock that gurgles. He also doesn’t have any other symptoms such as runny nose or goopy eyes. Should I go ahead and treat, look...
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    What do we think, does my seven month roo just have a molt going on, or is there something more serious?

    I had a hen molt last year at seven months and was fine. But my roo’s molt is looking a bit angry.
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    Free ranging and a protector against predators

    Do any of y'all free range your chickens exclusively? If so, do you also have a dog as a primary protector for your free rangers? I have an acre of fenced in yard, but due to both daytime and nighttime predators, I can't let them free range. I've tried and the hawks especially get bold after a...
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    Just starting day 23 of my Silkie's incubation—nothing yet :(

    Hi, all—first time hatching eggs. I'm in Indiana, so it's been a cold, but not frigid winter. My Silkie has been laying on the eggs great, only getting up for very brief breaks. I candled the eggs on day 15 and they appeared to be progressing well. But here we are, just about to start day 23 in...
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    I've got a broody hen—looking for someone in Indy area with fertilized eggs :)

    Hi all! I'm just looking to see if anyone in the Indy area (preferably north indy/suburbs) has a roo and some layers and wouldn't mind swapping some eggs with me. :) My silkie has gone broody and I've been looking to increase my flock. I'd be happy to pick them up! Thanks!
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