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  1. ArthurFleck

    Is my roo, Bones, depressed?

    When I came out I saw one of the chickens dead and my rooster laying next to it (it was his brother) and he wouldn't move when I came to get him and so I had to pick him up and move him so I could get the other dead rooster. Now he's being pretty lethargic, not eating, and not interacting with...
  2. ArthurFleck

    Dinosaur my ayam cemani frizzle mix

    I love her she makes me happy <3 we also don't know why her feathers are like that but we think because she's old
  3. ArthurFleck

    My ayam cemani frizzle mix

    I love her she makes me happy <3 we also don't know why her feathers are like that but we think because she's old
  4. ArthurFleck

    Another mystery chicken death?

    Earlier I had found one of my biggest roos that I had hatched dead in the coop they sleep in. His body was brick hard but his head was limp and was green for some reason which I'm thinking decay set it. I have no idea how long he had been there (probably 1-3 days) and the body had a slight...
  5. ArthurFleck

    Quail made weird noise

    So it's currently 1:10am and I was laying in bed and because I keep my quail in a hamster cage in the dresser next to a cage with my two other birds( they aren't quails) and I hear this warble-ish noise that scares the life out of me. The quail is around 3-4 weeks old I lost exactly how old he...
  6. ArthurFleck

    Mystery death

    This morning I went out to go feed me chickens like I do every morning and I have two separate cages and I saw that the cage next to the chickens we had hatched our own, the water was already low so I had went into their coop to fill it but when I looked at the side of the coop I saw our only...
  7. ArthurFleck

    Is my celadon quail male or female?

    I recently hatched a batch of quails ( both celadon and coturnix quails) and I took a liking to this celadon quail and wanted to keep it. It is 2 1/2 weeks old right now and I wanted to know the gender. I'm okay if he's a male I would prefer a hen though.
  8. ArthurFleck

    HELP!!!! Cemani rooster acting strangely

    So I have an ayam cemani rooster that has been acting very odd. Ex. Cocking his head frequently, bubbling coming from mouth, sneezing, etc. He also has a very large bulge on his throat and is losing a lot of weight and whenever he starts bubbling up near his mouth it sounds sort of raspy and...
  9. ArthurFleck

    Hen acting weird

    When I go out to my chickens, there is always this one hen that crouches down whenever I near her. I have 2 roos but none of them are willing to mate with her and whenever I go to pick up my other hens, none of them do the same thing. I'm not sure if it's the breed or if she just knows I'm about...
  10. ArthurFleck

    What breed?

    So I inherited chickens earlier this year so I wasn't really sure on some of the breeds of chickens but, I'm really curious about this breed. Does anyone know any possible breeds or the breed that it is? Or if it's a mix? (Sorry about the blurry pictures I broke my camera a while ago)...
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