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    Respiratory issues follow up post, infection spreading rapidly.

    I posted a few days ago about respiratory issues within my flock. I had purchased a bird that apparently was ill and has infected my flock. I originally thought it was MG because the original pullet had a slightly swollen eye. We culled the very sickly bird and her immediate coop mates...
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    Coryza or MG? Need advice, large flock

    I recently brought home 3 7ish week hens. I quarantined for 1 week (realizing that wasn’t enough). They were then moved to the farm side with my 35+ Free ranging flock but isolated in a smaller coop. The oldest chick is now showing respiratory symptoms. She is a Black Copper Maran. One eye is...
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    Is it alive?

    So long story short... my hen gave up on this egg. I brought it inside and managed to keep it alive (saw it moving) for many days. Then I put it in lockdown and left for Thanksgiving. I don’t know the exact day as it started with a broody hen. When it started to completely fill the egg I put it...
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