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    Chicken seems huntched up and won’t put weight on her right leg

    Good morning so when I went out to the coop this morning to feed my chickens their breakfast I noticed my one chicken not acting like herself. She seems almost hunched over and is not putting much weight on her right foot and keeps putting her right wing out. She was born april 17 2020. She...
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    Prairie Bluebell Egger

    Hi I am new to chickens. I just wanted to see if this was a pullet. She may have laid an egg already, but I can’t tell for certain due to the fact my other bluebell egger is always in the coop. But I just don’t really see her in the coop that much and I just want to make sure because most of...
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    So I got a baby chick in this morning in the mail and I just wanted to make sure she’s OK she seems to have a bald spot or almost like her bone out

    I got this check in the mail today from when the hatcheries I just wanna make sure she’s OK I got her with two other ones but it looks like almost her bone sticking out or she has a bald spot it could be normal but I’m just a little worried thank you!
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    Gender help

    Hi I got this baby a few weeks ago from the pullet section in tractor supply. She’s just getting so big so fast I’m worried her and her sister are roosters! If anyone can shed light I’d appreciate it!
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    Raising baby pullets

    Hi everyone, maybe I’m just a stressful new parent but a few of my pullets I got two weeks ago have wet bellies! Is something wrong with them? I am new and any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
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