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  1. Pinenot

    frontline and infertility

    Does anyone know if there is a link between frontline spray on and infertility?
  2. Pinenot

    Update another attack!! What kink of Predator do I have????

    Something got one of my chickens. There were feathers outside the barn. There were feathers strung across or over a 5 foot fence to a spot in the yard, where there were a pile of feathers. There were no parts or bones, just feathers. There were no feathers any where else. What kind of predator...
  3. Pinenot

    4-sale Bantam Barred Rock eggs Check out link for discription and pictures.
  4. Pinenot

    FS:Bantam Barred Rock eggs

    I have bantam barred rock eggs on eggbid, if interested
  5. Pinenot

    Bantam Barred Rock eggs for sale

    I have some Bantam Barred Rock eggs for sale on eggbid. Will close on the 30th Thank you for looking!!!
  6. Pinenot

    Bantam Barred Rock eggs up for bid

    My daughter is trying to make a little summer money. This is a great learning lesson for children. You won't be disappoined.
  7. Pinenot

    S. Korea is culling millions of poultry
  8. Pinenot

    BR pee question

    Every time I pick up my barred rocks they pee (clear liquid, not poo). I have never had any of my other breeds do this. Do any of you get this with your rocks???
  9. Pinenot


    I decided to do my spring worming on a couple of pairs we have and oh my word....a HUGE worm come out of a bantam chicken! My stomach turned when I knelt down and that is what it was. That is gross...poor chickens...get the worms out!!
  10. Pinenot

    IBW/w Pinenot

    I just put in 7 Silkie eggs. I had a lone egg in up until today. It didn't make it...but 7 went in this time and if all goes well...we will have 7 little white fuzzy butts running around in 21 days!
  11. Pinenot

    Peeps with no pip-HELP!

    I have a lone egg that has been peeping for over 24 hours with no pip yet. IS it going to be ok? How long can they breath in there with out a pip?
  12. Pinenot

    Horse help!

    I got new neighbors this last spring and a couple months later they bought 3 horses. Well I never saw them interact with them. They don't get riden or petted. I asked my husband this last summer if they just ate grass? I really don't know a lot about horses. We do have goats and I assumed they...
  13. Pinenot

    Got dizzy while sitting

    Yesterday I got dizzy sitting on the couch. It felt like the blood rushed to my head, like when you where a kid and you stood on your head. Has that happened to any of you? Should I be worried?
  14. Pinenot


    I got a temp crown put on yesterday. The second to the last on top. I am in a ton of pain. I have never had one before. Is this pain normal? It is worse than a tooth ache. My whole cheek and tooth are hurthing.
  15. Pinenot

    What to do with the ground hog that saw its shadow?

    I don't know about you all...I'm a little bit ticked at that ground hog. All kinds of bad things are runnin through my head about that critter. Why did it have to see its shadow??? Now we have have more winter and I need out of this house! I am really thankful for the seasons...but I have had...
  16. Pinenot

    When will it be warm???

    Anyone else tired of being cold? It seems like it has been the longest winter. I want to go garden and watch my chickens peck for bugs. I am soooo tired of being inside. I think I am cabin fevered!
  17. Pinenot

    Incubator is empty, what should I do now???

    I don't have anything in the bator...chicks have hatched and all I can think about is what kind I want next I may be a bit addicted
  18. Pinenot

    Meet my chicks

    We have 4 Silkies so far. 3 to go!!
  19. Pinenot

    PIC!!!!!UPDATE 1/25 PIPS!!!Update-chicks!!!!

    Today is day 20 for our 8 little Silkie Eggs. We not sure about all 8...but at least 7. We are glued to the bator and it is going to be a long......night, just waiting for something to happen Do you all want pictures???? when things start happening????
  20. Pinenot

    Any interest in BR Bantam eggs?

    I am checking to see if anyone out there has any interest in purchasing SQ Barred Rock bantam eggs? They would be $18.00 a dozen plus $12 shipping. Here is a picture of one of their babies.
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