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  1. maidenwolfx80

    Chicken fever

    So my mother ordered me the bantam special that ideal is advertising. It mailed out today, a week early. You can imagine my excitment. My mother lives a few hours away but is starting to spend a day a week at my place. She calls it my mini farm lol. I love spending the time with her and being...
  2. maidenwolfx80

    My life was saved when I bought chickens

    I grew up spending my summers at my grandmothers farm helping with the cows, horses, pigs, goats and chickens that she kept. It was the only place I wanted to be. I lived in a subburb so we did not keep chickens at home and as I grew up and moved out I spent less and less time at the farm. My...
  3. maidenwolfx80

    Mixed Chicks

    Mixed chicks, standard and bantam available now. Mostly EE and welsummer mixes Pure mixes available spring. PM for details
  4. maidenwolfx80

    Mixed Chicks

    Mixed chicks, standard and bantam available now. Mostly EE and welsummer mixes Pure mixes available spring. PM for details
  5. maidenwolfx80

    Built me a styrofoam incubator

    I am new to hatching not new to chickens by any means. I built it out of a medical grade styro cooler, hardwarecloth, a light bulb, a pc fan, a dish of water, a jar of water as a heat sink, a thermometer. I just put my eggs in as I got my temps controlled. Can I please get everyones tips and...
  6. maidenwolfx80

    Memory chain

    This is a wiccan tradition that we do every year. We make a chain of memories to hang on the tree from the past year. We talk about those memories and add to it all the way up until new years day. This year we have made one for our 2 turkey hens who were killed by predators. They were very...
  7. maidenwolfx80

    Protein boost

    I need some ideas on good protein boosts for the girls when they molt, so getting everyones ideas and suggestions would be a great way to start this and maybe help others out this fall while the hens are molting.
  8. maidenwolfx80

    Broken toe

    I have a turkey with a broken toe poor thing. I have been giving her childrens tylenol an vit/min daily. I also have been wrapping it with vetwrap. It has been this way almost a week and she seems to be walking a bit better but still a limp. It is her outside facing toe but not the small back...
  9. maidenwolfx80

    Raising chicks as the weather gets cooler

    I have raised many chicks, but this is the very first time for me raising chicks in the fall. My chicks are now 1 week old. I know many people raise them in fall and some even in winter but this is new to alot of people. Please share tips and tricks to a healthy fall/winter flock. I know I and...
  10. maidenwolfx80

    Where do you order your chicks from?

    I am ordering from ideal poultry. This is my first time ever ordering from a hatchery and have no clue what to expect. What are your experiences with ordering from ideal or other hatcherys?
  11. maidenwolfx80

    Tell me what you think of these breeds

    I just ordered some new chicks and am curious on your opinions on the breeds. Dark Brahma Black Langshan Black Australorp RIR SLW
  12. maidenwolfx80

    Fall chick raising

    Fall seems to be the last effort to raise some chicks that will be ready to lay when the snow melts. I hope everyone is successful with their chicks and eggs. I myself have never done them this late in the year, will it be too cold out by time they are 6 wks and ready for the coop?
  13. maidenwolfx80

    Sour crop or pendulim crop???

    Not sure what I am dealing with here.. It was been this way for over a month. His crop is huge size of a baseball. It sometimes feels hard and sometimes soft, when I massage it it will go from soft to hard and he will move his head back and forth trying to dislodge it when it gets hard like...
  14. maidenwolfx80

    routine worming

    I have never had an issue with worms but this year we did, so of course grabbed a bottle of safeguard liquid goat wormer and treated, tomorrow will be the 10 day retreat. I am going to worm annually from now on. When I worm for routine maintainence do I worm once or do the 10 day retreat???
  15. maidenwolfx80

    My turkey isnt feeling well

    This morning my 5 month old narragansett was moapy and slow with his head tucked close to his chest, not interested in food not even his apples when I brought himm a treat. He sips on water and lays around still communicating with everyone and will get up and move when everyone starts getting...
  16. maidenwolfx80

    Show off your creative ideas!!!

    I need some ideas for feeders and waterers for when I build my new coop. I just wanted everyone to share their creations so others can draw inspiration from them. Thank you in advance!!!!
  17. maidenwolfx80

    Safeguard goat wormer questions

    I found my birds had round worms. So I looked and looked on here and I have come to see that Dawg-53 ( I think is the number) is very resourceful. I could not find the wormer he most suggested. So I got he safeguard liquid goat wormer. I got a syringe and and directly administeredthe specified...
  18. maidenwolfx80

    fall frenzy???

    So do any of the heritage breeds have a fall mating time??
  19. maidenwolfx80

    Pheonix or a game bantam?

    She is 4 1/2 months old the guy said she was possibly a pheonix but I know he has OEGB so now I want to figure out what I have here
  20. maidenwolfx80

    Neighbors flock

    I have neighbors on both sides with flocks of chickens. I let mine out for a few hours every eveingto forage. Sometimes the neighbor chickens will end up on my property. I always worry about disease, I know the neighbors birds that end up over here are taken care of very well , should I ask him...
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