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  1. homesteadinmama

    meat chicks with other chicks?

    I have several cornishx chicks with my other chicks, should they be seperated or can they stay in the same brooder? Thanks.
  2. homesteadinmama

    meat birds with layers?

    I got several cornish cross chicks with my chick order, but they are way bigger than the rest. I am worried they will pick on the littler ones. Any advice on whether to separate them or not? Thanks!
  3. homesteadinmama

    Broody or not?

    My girls are 10 months old, and wondering when one might go broody. Does a broody hen sit on the nest all night or leave it and go up to perch with the rest of the flock? Breeds are WR, BR, RIR, EE. Thanks!
  4. homesteadinmama

    Duck missing, water predator??

    My hubby came in saying a duck was missing. They are let out around 7am and head over to the stream. Well, now they are terrified to get in the water. Didn't see anything, don't really have "predators" in these parts but there are snapping turtles in the stream. Are they able to take a full size...
  5. homesteadinmama

    SLW roo's time has come

    Bobby was our adopted rooster for our 12 gals. He is 23 weeks, and in the past couple days started going after the kids and even my husband. Can't have that, so I went to the coop tonight and put him in a dog kennel. This will be our first chicken processing, I did a baby turkey last week. I...
  6. homesteadinmama

    turkey poult killed by our dog..

    We had 2 naragannsett turkey poults (one male, one female) they were almost 9 weeks old. Found our dog over the bird, didn't see any "death" wounds but figured the neck was broken cause its head was limp. I skinned it and put it in the frig, didn't want to waste the good meat. Pitty, my son was...
  7. homesteadinmama

    ducks back pecked badly need advice please **image**

    Just noticed this am that a 7 week old black swedish's back was featherless with a few open wounds. Not sure if it was baby guineas/turkeys, ducks same age or older chickens that did the pecking. Its wings are dooped down, but not sure if that is just because it hurts the cuts on her back to...
  8. homesteadinmama

    2 Baby turkeys

    Hey there. I just got my first 2 turkeys. Wondering what type they are and how to tell a tom from a hen? One has a bump on its head and one doesn't, does that matter? Thanks!
  9. homesteadinmama

    I have guineas!!!!! :)

    Okay so I wanted a couple turkeys but couldn't resist the little guinea hens too. But now I have no clue about them. The blueish one is VERY loud and "fiesty" running all over the place to keep away from you. The white one doesn't make a sound. Any ideas of what type they are and how old they...
  10. homesteadinmama

    Extra light or not??

    I live in NH. Wondering if I need to provide extra light to keep the gals laying during the fall/winter and if so when should I turn on the light? Anyone out there that doesn't use artifical light to keep them laying? Thanks
  11. homesteadinmama

    wet brooder questions

    So LOVE, LOVE, LOVE baby ducks, but they get water everywhere in the brooder!!!! I am using puppy pee pads and paper towels on top of the pine shavings, but constantly having to change it. I am giving them the chick waterer red base with jar, and a chick feeder. Should I take the food and water...
  12. homesteadinmama

    Meet our new babies....img heavy

    There are 3 black swedish, 2 buff, 2 cayuga, 2 pekin and 2 chocolate runners! We have never had ducks, but man they are much fuzzier than baby chicks to hold. Gotta luv em!
  13. homesteadinmama

    nest boxes?

    I got 3 walls up on the duck "shed" today. I have read that ducks don't like nest boxes next to each other, unlike chicken nest boxes. Anyone have pictures of their nests? Thanks.
  14. homesteadinmama

    I ordered my first 10 ducks...

    2 pekin, 2 swedish, 2 buff, 2 cayuga, 2 runners. Lots of questions: I don't have a house for them. Would a 4Wx8Lx2H be okay? How much ventilation do they need, same as chickens? Also I have a stream right next us. Suggestions on placing the house on the bank of the stream or further away? Or...
  15. homesteadinmama

    WR or leghorn?

    I ordered white plymoth rock pullets but one of them is half the size of the other two and looking at her ears they look yellow instead of red, thinking it might be a leghorn. Is she a white rock or leghorn??? Next question could she be crossed with my SLW roo? What color eggs would I get from...
  16. homesteadinmama

    WR or leghorn pullet????

    I ordered white plymoth rock pullets but one of them is half the size of the other two and looking at her ears they look yellow instead of red, thinking it might be a leghorn. Is she a white rock or leghorn??? Next question could she be crossed with my SLW roo? What color eggs would I get from...
  17. homesteadinmama

    Squirrels and chipmunks eating the chicken feed.

    Over the past couple weeks I have noticed my chickens are going through alot of feed, got me thinking about others potentially eating their food since they free range all day-only head home for a nap/snack, etc. Well I caught a chipmunk eating from the outside feeder. But today I saw a big ol...
  18. homesteadinmama

    Are these eggs dangerous??

    Okay so I am very new to chickens, but I have 12 pullets for egg laying. I had planned on giving away the eggs to friends and neighbors. However recently people that were interested in getting eggs are now "afraid" that they have salmonela on them and think the store bought ones don't because...
  19. homesteadinmama

    white rock hen or roo?

    This chick will be 7 weeks come wednesday. It doesn't have a red comb or waddles but has the tail feathers like a roo. Any thoughts??? Also at what age should the comb start turning red by the latest? You can see in this pic another white rock that is much chubbier and shorter tail.
  20. homesteadinmama

    Chickens near D.C. --Arilington VA?

    Just wondering if anyone raises chickens near Arlington, VA ? If my hubby gets transfered just wondering if there is a chicken friendly town less than an hours comute away. Thanks.
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