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  1. RUNuts

    How many Quail coops/cages/aviaries do you keep? And why?

    I've got a backyard with fowl. The chickens are loud and no roosters. Meat bird raising is intense and last year we raised 2 groups, so I'm trying quail this year. I'm keeping quail for meat and as a hobby. The options for a backyard breeder are have some friends to swap genetics with, buy...
  2. RUNuts

    Breed identification please

    Anyone care to guess? Need buddies for single Rouen who flew into my life. 1 year old. $15 each.
  3. RUNuts

    Barnyard Surprises

    Since I am new at chickens and hatching, I asked Chicken Rancher at work for a mess of fertile eggs. The 8 put under the broody last year gave 4 infertile. 2 killed by hen and 2 hatchings. Resulting in 1 pullet and 1 cockerel. The hen is happily laying small brown eggs almost daily. She...
  4. RUNuts

    Graphic - Lethargic Leghorn Lash Egg

    <Graphic Warning> Almost 2 year old Leghorn has been slowly getting worse. Poopy butt. Meaning nasty, unkempt, smelly runny diarrhea hanging on the feathers. Today was green. Green, I've found, is the warning sign that bad things are happening. Palpation of the abdomen showed a large...
  5. RUNuts

    Quail cage best length

    I am planning and building our first quail cage. Done quite a bit of research. Need opinions from people who have done this before. From research, 2 foot deep is best. Allows you to reach to the other side. Using dimensional lumber is 6 foot long easier to manage or should I go for the...
  6. RUNuts

    Portable quail hutch? Opinions please.

    I have chickens and want to try quail. I'm starting fresh and have a blank slate. I'm seeing a lot of static hutches. I was leaning towards a tractor to spread the manure. The tractor would have to be moved to disperse the goodness. I'm not a big fan of shoveling ... good fertilizer...
  7. RUNuts

    8 week Ideal Easter Egger. Cockerel or pullet?

    Cockerel or pullet? First one is 'yellow'. Second is 'big cheeks'
  8. RUNuts

    Egg sizes

    From Wiki and USDA: Jumbo eggs are 2.5 oz, XL are 2.25, L 2.0, M 1.75, S 1.5, PeeWee 1.25 oz I am getting 1-3 small eggs daily. Cute little buggers. So I eat those for breakfast the next day. Try to put the larger ones aside for customers. These are large by rating, so we are good, but I...
  9. RUNuts

    Foray into Meat Chickens

    @Birdinhand thank you for the inspiration and knowing what to expect. I received 6 — 2 week old CX due to spring break plans a buddy ordered some and I ordered 10 and we discovered predators in his brooder. Rats and snakes that can get into and through and around the best built brooder...
  10. RUNuts

    Thunderstorms and egg production

    Houston had a real humdinger last night. Booms, light shows and all that. The flock that was laying 15 eggs from 17 hens spit out 9 today. I was curious when this would happen and here it is. I even searched the flight cage for another nest. Nope, just the 9. What causes your egg...
  11. RUNuts

    Body shape curiosity

    Pardon my question. I have a bunch of Ideal Hatchery stock. The Barred Rocks and red girls (production reds?) have a poofy backside. Looking at other pictures, these are the only ones that poof like this. Is this peculiar to Ideal? Or am I being self conscious? Talking about the small back...
  12. RUNuts

    Poopy butt balls

    I thought y'all were a little off when talking about trimming chicken butt fluff. Well, I joined you. Had a light red hen that was accumulating quite the poop ball. After a week, it hadn't been shed and I'll blame the cold weather. Finally christened a pair of scissors the poopy butt ball...
  13. RUNuts

    kind of egg bound, maybe?

    Have an 8 month old leghorn (Ideal 236) cross. She is one of the top hens and feisty. 3 days ago she was not acting normally. I caught and felt her abdomen and there is an egg there. Massaged and rubbed. She is eating and pooping - witnessed both and her bottom is dirty and getting dirtier...
  14. RUNuts

    What breed please?

    Terrible picture, but 4 month old birds. What breed are these? I'll guess cockerel on left and pullet on the right. These are Ideal special straight run birds, so whatever Ideal hatched that week is possible. Appreciate the help!
  15. RUNuts

    Feed back on Ideal CX?sh

    Gonna try meat birds next spring. I'd like to know how the Ideal CX are. Do you have to limit feed from day one? How did they turn out? Would you recommend? If not, why not? Healthy? I'm staying away from the broilers b/c of the crowing in the neighborhood. Don't want to announce to the...
  16. RUNuts

    Leghorns -19 weeks to first eggs

    Well, almost 20 weeks (had to recheck the records). 19 weeks and 6 days. These are Ideal Hatchery Leghorns and Ideal 236 birds. I know one egg is from a Leghorn. The second egg could be from 3 girls that are showing and acting the same. So, instead of 2 eggs like today, tomorrow could be 4...
  17. RUNuts

    Thanks to all - first butcher day complete

    I want to express my appreciation for all the folks who offered advice, opinions and encouragement on this list. We hit 16 weeks with our DP Barred Rocks and the coop was getting tight and hormones raging with the soon-to-be-hens. So the deed is done. I find it interesting, we have some...
  18. RUNuts

    Coop clean out - riddle me this:

    I have learned the joys of mucking out a chicken coop in mud! For a small fee, I'm willing to teach you. Line forms on the right. Hold your nose if you have a weak constitution. 3 month old chickens. Been in 4'x8' coop since 1 month old. Coop has floor elevated 2 feet above grade. Truck...
  19. RUNuts

    Harvesting hens for meat

    I'm confused. What is the age to harvest meat hens? Hens because I live in a neighborhood and I don't know what I'm doing. If the weight to feed starts dwindling after ~14 weeks, this makes sense. I won't buy additional feed for little benefit. If the broilers (if ordered will be from...
  20. RUNuts

    Stupid question - how big for a chicken door

    I searched, but failed. What is best size for the chicken door in a home built coop? One chicken at a time or better with double doors? I did finalize on a sliding door. What do you prefer and why? The automated doors intrigued me is the reason I went sliding. Cheers,
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