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  1. BHep

    *** NYDH Contest #7 Cutest Baby Picture Contest...Pole ****

    Cutest Baby Picture Contest WEEK TWO CONTEST Pictures can be of a baby of any breed or species but the picture must be taken by the entrant. Limit 3 entries per person. Contest is open only during week two: 17 to 23 DEC. Post your picture in the NYD...
  2. BHep

    LGD Question

    For those with LGD, would I be best with a single dog or a pair? Protecting my birds from Fox & Coyote on 8 1/2 Acres. They are Great Pyreneese x Maremma.
  3. BHep


    BUY IT NOW PRICE BIN PRICES: All prices include shipping Mix and match...combine shipping 12+ black 100% Eng. Orps. $50 12+ Serama 12+ Lav. & Black Split to Lav Ams $39 6+ Sumatra rooster over dun hens $ 25 5 Sebastopol goose eggs $ 60 12+ FBCM $ 30 12+ EE & OE frizzles...
  4. BHep


    BUY IT NOW PRICES INCLUDES SHIPPING 6+ eggs....$18 shipped Silkies.... white rooster x white & black hens. Sizzles... 1 pen is black sizzle hens x Lav. Silkie roosters, 1 pen is black sizzle hens x blue Polish rooster. Blue Polish and Silver Laced combo. Barred Olive Eggers Lavender Orps...
  5. BHep

    12+ Lavender Orpington Hatching Eggs

    THIS IS A BUY IT NOW........** PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING ** 12 + Lavender Orpington Hatching eggs. Ready to ship Tues or Wed. Just in time for the Easter Hatch a long !!! ... Fertility here is great. As with all shipped eggs I cannot be responsible for PO handling & incubation issues. I...
  6. BHep


    12+ Serama eggs @ a BUY IT NOW PRICE includes shipping. I have smooth...frizzled ...silked. ADDED SOME NEW PICTURES ON POST 233. This classified is still open and good as long as the hens are laying. Eggs are carefully packaged and mailed via USPS Priority Mail. Each egg is individually...
  7. BHep

    Best Broody

    Just a quick question or opinion... Which breed of ducks make the best broodies, besides Muscovy
  8. BHep


    12 + Mixed duck eggs This is a Buy it now. $20.00 Includes Shipping. As with any hatching eggs, I cannot be responsible for PO handling & incubation problems etc... I will pack them with TLC.
  9. BHep

    What should I pay for eggs ???

    Hi all If I were to buy Turkey eggs locally, what should I expect to pay? Mixed or Pure Thanks for your help.
  10. BHep

    Aggresive Muscovy Drake ???

    Hi all... Question... anyone have aggressive Muscovy drakes ? Here is whats happening..... I have lost 3 chickens. 1, 2 weeks ago and 2 this weekend. The chickens are in their coops, they can stick their heads out and do, you know, the grass is greener on the other side syndrome. Anyway...
  11. BHep

    Barnevelder..hen or rooster?

    hen or roo?
  12. BHep

    12 + Duck Eggs For Hatching Or Crafting

    This is for 12 + duck eggs from my mixed free ranging flock. I have Runners, Pekins, a White Crested, a pair of Magpies and Golden 300s. One Runner duck is crested also, so you may get crested ducklings. For those looking to use them for crafting, I have large white & large blue/green. Please...
  13. BHep

    Withdrawal time for Valbazan

    I am sure it is here somewhere, so sorry in advance for the question asked 100s of times. I would like to know the withdrawal time for birds that have been wormed with Valbazan that you plan to eat. I understand for eggs it is 14 days. Thanks
  14. BHep

    Lavender Muscovy

    So ...I have seen someone is selling a pair of Lavender Muscovy. Is there such thing? What should I be paying for them ? They are asking $25 for the pair, is that fair, too high ? IMO it is a little too much...but the last ducks I got at auction I paid $8 for the pair.
  15. BHep

    Miss Lydia :

    March yourself right back over to the NC thread.... WE MISS YOU !
  16. BHep

    worm/ Valbazan/Safe-guard??

    Can I use Valbazan or Safe-guard on my geese. (Sebbies) I found round worm in my chicken poop. Wormed them using Valbazan. Safe-guard on the peas. All my birds free range together, so I worry the geese may have them too. Any input... please
  17. BHep

    worm ducks ???

    Do I worm the ducks ??? I wormed my chickens & Guineas. I did not see any worming info on the stickey. I have Valbazan or safe-guard. Any input..... PLEASE
  18. BHep

    Should Guineas be wormed ????

    Hi... 1st time Guinea owner here... I have 15, living / free ranging with my chickens. Just wormed my chickens and I don't know if I should worm the Guineas and if I can use the same product. I used Valbazan.
  19. BHep

    Can I use sand as bedding for Buttons?

    As the subject states..... sand or shavings ?
  20. BHep

    *Pics* Buttons.....who goes with who LOL

    HI Need help ! Who goes with who ? And do I even need to tell you how CRazYYY these little critters are. They are slippery little things..... I had to trap the girls in a little hamster cage to get a pic, the boys are in a up roar....cooing & crowing. They are MAD at me...
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