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  1. SilkieSisters

    Winterizing coop not working out

    I live up north where the winters get pretty brutal and the snow lasts until March or April. Until now the snow has been on and off so the hens are still able to go outside some days (they dont like coming outside in the snow). In November I completely cleaned out the coop and tarped the walls...
  2. SilkieSisters

    Respiratory issue in hen

    I have a one year old hen who has shown symptoms of a respiratory infection for a week now and a 3 days ago I started her on antibiotic injections (liquamycin). Yesterday she spent the night inside and i put vetrx in a vaporizer for her. I have no clue whats wrong with her because she has a lot...
  3. SilkieSisters

    Puffy eye oozing

    I have a hen who has had an infected eye for a while now and she’s gone through treatments of antibiotics (eye got slightly better) but that didn’t fix it. I also got ciproloxin eye drops which also did nothing. Her eye also has some ooze coming out but there’s just pink skin over her eye and...
  4. SilkieSisters

    Need help!! Lethargic hen , I don’t know what’s wrong.

    I have a hen who yesterday I noticed was being very much not like herself. She is a major explorer and loves drinking water and she’s always full on food. She is very lethargic and wouldn’t leave the roosting bar today. She wouldn’t eat or drink. I have her an epsom salt warm bath in case she...
  5. SilkieSisters

    Bumblefoot in hen

    i have a hen with bumblefoot in both feet. I took the little nubs out and cleaned it but I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to get more out or how because it didn’t look yellow any further. One foot healed and is back go normal but the other foot got worse. The nub is pretty small but the bumps...
  6. SilkieSisters

    Can’t find chicks eye?!?

    i have a chick who is about 10 weeks old and a few weeks ago she had a red eye so I’ve been putting terramycin in her eye twice a day but things have only gotten worse. I stopped the eye cream and started giving her two injections a day of liquamycin. The swelling went down dramatically and same...
  7. SilkieSisters

    Chick with bad limp/leg injury?

    I have this chick who is so sweet but has a really bad limp. Nothing seems to be broken or bruised or the leg/thigh or joints. There's also a lot of yellow stuff clumping around the nose. Idk what's wrong with them. The leg injury only seems to be in one leg.
  8. SilkieSisters

    5 week chick opening and closing beak, closing eyes

    I have two 5 week old chicks that have been closing their eyes and seem to be always sleepy. They also open and close their beaks every 10 seconds or so and fluff up their feathers. I thought they were cold so I turned the heat lamp up a bit more cus it was on a low temerature for awhile. I have...
  9. SilkieSisters

    Hen with broken leg??

    I few days ago I noticed one of my hens with a really bad limp. She's about 5 months old and still active. I gave her a tiny amount of asprin but the limp didn't go away. She can still run but it looks sad to see. She curls her foot with the injured leg when she walks and puts all her weight on...
  10. SilkieSisters

    Wry neck in hen getting worse?

    I have an 11 week old leghorn hen who from a chick always looked up at me sideways but just a week ago or so I realized that it was wry neck that she had and it's just been getting worse. She's still eating and drinking and I've been squeezing a vitamin e pill on her beak daily and also mix...
  11. SilkieSisters

    Feather issue on saddle area?

    My silver wyandotte has had a lot of feather loss and issues on her back or saddle area. It's been like this for over a year and I don't know what it is. She's been bathed and dusted with DE several times but nothing has changed. It hurts her a lot when the area is touched and usually has scabs...
  12. SilkieSisters

    Bumblefoot Surgery... (graphic pics)

    For awhile one of my hens has been limping when she walks. It's clear that she has bumblefoot in one foot and I got the supplies together to get hopefully get rid of the infection.This was my first chicken with bumblefoot so I'm new to this. I started by cleaning her foot in a warm epsom salt...
  13. SilkieSisters

    New Member

    I've been raising chickens for about 13 years now with my family, but have been raising them myself for the past few years. I have had up to around 50 chickens at once, but right now I have 22 chickens. I have a wide variety of breeds and have been able to experience all different kinds of...
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