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    Ducklings with mucus and bald spots

    hello, I hatched 18 ducklings 7-9 days ago. Just tonight I’ve noticed many of them have spots with little baby fuzz on their necks. There are three buffs, a welsh harlequin, and a khaki campbell with these spots. I don’t think it’s just water making them appear bald. While this scares me a...
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    Weak duckling help

    hello, I had 23 ducks in an incubator, and so far 14 have hatched. My most recent had a very tough hatch as he was stuck with his leg and foot out of a little pip in the egg. I tried helping him last night by “unzipping” for him but not breaking the inner membrane. This morning he had broken...
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    Pregnant Mini Pig

    hey y’all! so my mini pig is pregnant, and i was wondering how long until she gives birth. Her teats have been enlarged for at least a week now and she’s had a milk line for about 4 days. she looks like she’s about to pop so i was wondering how many days y’all think. also, can you estimate the...
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    What type of duckling is this?

    Hi, i just left tractor supply and i could tell that they had breeds like pekin and blue swedish, but there was one i have never seen. can y’all tell what breed this is? thanks!
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    worried about this little duckling

    hey all, i got some eggs shipped from metzger farms in ca and i live in ky. they are all healthy (15) except one is smaller than the rest. i believe he’s a welsh harlequin. he sleeps way more than the others, and he lays in my hand without resiting at all. all the others squirm or kick. he does...
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    Is this egg a goner?

    hi. it’s day 24 (out of 21) and 5 of 7 bantam silkies hatched right on time. one of them is a yolker because he stood straight up in the water. this one seemed to be at an angle. am i just hopeful when i see it this way, or could the chick still be alive? *the orange line shows where the air sac is
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    should i help these eggs hatch?

    sorry, i asked a similar question but about chicks. these are ducks (all mallard derived) it’s day 28 and they seem to still be living. they’ve had this sized pip in them for quite a while. it’s three different eggs that are all about the same place in the hatching process. thanks for the help!
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    should i help this chicken hatch?

    its been about 18 hours and this chick has not had much progress. he’s gone from a little pip in the egg to where he is now in this time. three others have hatched and seem healthy (today is 21). i can see him moving and that he tries to break the egg, but he doesn’t use much effort like the...
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    Looking for Muscovy ducklings either in KY or that will ship

    Hey! Muscovy ducks have a special place in my heart even tho I've never owned them. I am incubating ducklings that are expected to hatch March 16, but didn't have any muscovy in that batch. If anyone knows where I could get some, please let me know so I can raise them at the same time. I've...
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    odd looking air cell

    hey, i was candleing my duck eggs(day 20/28) and about three of them had a little half-circle growing from the original air sac. i’ll attach some pics. also, what day will my bantam silkie chicks hatch? i’ve heard anywhere from 18-21. thanks!
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    help! chicken found with wounds around her neck!

    hey everyone, i just got back from a short trip and found my chicken had blood around her neck and what looked like an open wound on her left side. she’s a very timid orpington (i believe). i didn’t handle them much as chicks so she wouldn’t let me pick her up. she was hiding under one of the...
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    In search of mute swan

    Hey y’all! Does anyone have a recommendation of where I could get a day old swan (or just a young one)? I want to train it to be kind, and from what I’ve read the best way is to just handle it while it’s young. Or if anyone is selling a kind adult please let me know! Thank you!
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    is this a blood ring??

    hey everyone! so i’m hatching 9 chicken eggs and about 20 duck eggs. the ducks are well along, and the chickens are about a week behind(so they’ll hatch close to each other). i put the chickens in on wednesday afternoon so they’ve been in four full days. most of them are healthy and growing...
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    any advice for a new hatcher??

    hey y’all, i’ve ordered quite a few eggs, 27 to be exact, and they are about to come in the mail. i’ve received my incubator, and will follow the instructions for setting it up. i’ve never hatched eggs and am brand new to the whole process. i would love any advice about rotating, candling...
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    swan to keep away geese?

    hi, i’m thinking about getting a swan to keep the geese (canadian) away. the problem is i do NOT want the swan to scare away my ducks. would this be possible? i have tried to research ducks and swans coexisting but couldn’t find anything, so your help is great! thanks!!
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    duck breed help

    hey all, so there’s these new ducks on our pond. they hang out with our pekins and mallards, but i can’t seem to identify them! they have a white chest and an abnormally long beak(not like a mallard). the beak looks black, but i can’t tell for sure. whenever i go up to them to get a picture i...
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    wood duck information

    hi, i have recently order various duckling breeds that will come in just in time for spring. i love ducks, but am somewhat a beginner when it comes to raising them. i have been looking into raising wood (or mandarin) ducks to place on a pond next to my house. i’m wondering if they will need some...
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