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  1. Disco Hen

    Mixed Bantam Roosters

    We have two cute flat feathered frizzle mix rooster. One is Cochin and frizzle cochin, and one is japanese and frizzle cochin. They are both white with a couple rust spots, and have back tails. They are both friendly, and have sweet personalities. We live in Sonoma California. It would be ideal...
  2. Disco Hen

    Disco Is Back!!!

    Hello everyone those of you who aren't very new members may know me, if you do you probably know I haven't been on for about half a year! WOW LONG TIME NO SEE!!!!!!!!! I am happy to say I will be back for awhile!!!!!!
  3. Disco Hen

    Wanted: Sepastopol goslings

    Hi, we are looking for some sebastopol goslings to put in with our baby ducks, before hatching season ends. We live in Sonoma California, and if you could could ship, we would consider paying for the shipping depending on how much it costs :) If you have any that would be great, thanks!
  4. Disco Hen

    Fawn and White Indian Runner!

    Hi, I have a fawn and white indian runner hen! She is very sweet and was hand raised. We would not be giving her away, but we bought her as a boy, and were going to use her for breeding (turned out she wasnt a boy! And we just don't have room). I am in Sonoma County, and am willing to drive a...
  5. Disco Hen

    Black Cochin Bantam Rooster!

    Hi, I have a Black Cochin Bantam Rooster for sale in Sonoma California. I am willing to drive in the north bay/Sonoma county area. He is very sweet, and was hand raised. He has a nice big red comb! And is very handsome!!!! Please if you can take him that would be so great! We would, but my other...
  6. Disco Hen

    WANTED: Modern Game Bantams, In Northern California

    Hi, I am looking for some modern game bantams in Northern California. I would like adults, and males and females will be fine! Thanks! What ever you want to sell them to me for, I just had to put a price, so I did $25
  7. Disco Hen

    ~Sizzle Contest!~Ends July 31th~ REAL PRIZE!~

    Rules: Must be a sizzle No pictures that could offened people No saying anything mean about other peoples chickens Must tell if it is a rooster or hen HAVE FUN!!!! Example: This is spike my sizzle rooster The prize will be an edited photo of your chicken, my avatar is an example, and...
  8. Disco Hen

    Last Letter Animal!

    This is game where one person says a word, and you put a new word that starts with the last letter of the other word. But the have to be animals! Example: Zebra Ape Eagle Eel Lion Ect.
  9. Disco Hen

    Waffles or Pancakes Poll!!!

    Which do you like more! Discussion Welcome!
  10. Disco Hen

    Acresofchickens, JerseyGiantfolk, and Disco Hens Chat Thread!

    Rules: All BYC rules Be nice to everyone No bullying Members: Acresofchickens JerseyGiantfolk Disco Hen Chickerchalk OwlLover willowbranchfarm Toro CochinBrahmaLover little farmer ChihuahuaLover flewdacoop Chicken Frenzy
  11. Disco Hen

    Peafowl Chicks or Hand Raised Adults~

    Hello, my name is Kira, and I am wondering if anyone has peafowl chicks for sale~ I live in Sonoma California, and might also be interested in adults that were hand raised. Thank you!~
  12. Disco Hen

    Letter Game

    So someone will say a word and then the next person will say a new word that starts with ANY letter in the word. Example First person: cat Second person: app Third person: people I will start with nationality
  13. Disco Hen

    Chicks Have Mites !!!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    We have 4 frizzle chicks right now. On their head we have seen skinny mite crawling around, and sucking on their blood!!!!! We have also noticed that there is LOTS of eggs! The mites are whitish yellow. What should we do????? Does anyone know what kind of mites they are????? PLEASE HELP!!!
  14. Disco Hen

    4 Frizzle roosters

    I have what we think are 4 frizzle roosters. We are not 100% sure they are all roosters though. There is one black frizzle cochin bantam. Then we have 3 frizzle d'uccles. They mother and father of the d'uccles are slightly related, so they are not prone to getting medical conditions, but their...
  15. Disco Hen

    Old English Game Bantam Contest~Ends April 30th~

    Rules: Must be your chicken HAVE FUN!!! Example: This is Woody
  16. Disco Hen

    Beak Wound??? !HELP!

    I am away from my house right now, but my mom just sent me some pictures of my broody hen thinking she had some kind of injury. To me it kinda looked like crusted food stuck to it. But she said it almost looked like a scoop of her beak had been eroded. Here are some pictures what do you think it...
  17. Disco Hen

    Cochin Contest ~Ends April 15th~ Real Prize!

    Rules: 1. Must be a cochin (frizzle ok, and mutts) 2. Must be you chicken 3. No being mean to entries 4. Please include name 5.HAVE FUN! Example: This is Misty, my black cochin bantam :-) Prize is an edited photo here are examples, when it says Spike that is the name of the...
  18. Disco Hen

    D'uccle Contest ~Ends April 15th~ Real Prize!

    Rules: 1. Must be a d'uccle 2. Must be your chicken 3. No being rude to any entries 4. Please inclue name and color 5. Mutts count 6. HAVE FUN!! Example: This is Blue Belle a blue d'uccle The prize is a edited photo here are some examples P.S when it says Spike that is the...
  19. Disco Hen


    Is it possible to sex chicks the first couple days they are born
  20. Disco Hen

    Pre Order Frizzled Japanese, and Frizzled Cochin Chicks

    We are going to hatch japanese and cochin frizzle bantam chicks. The chicks will hatch March 30th. There will be hens or roosters. I will post pictures of the cochin bantam mother soon, but this is the japanese hen, (the rooster was a frizzle).
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