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    Handmade wood brooder

    We made a brooder out of wood. Very heavy it has wheels on one end. Hardware cloth over three openings with 4 doors that open and close with latches, built in heat lamp. It has hardware cloth in the bottom and an opening to slide a poop board in and out for easy cleaning. $20.00 cash only Must...
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    Child's apron

    Handmade child's apron. Minion fabric is 100% cotton the trim and ruffle is cotton/poly blend. Shipping is between 5.95-7.95 usps ground delivery depends on where you live. 3-9 days. If you have any questions message me. If you are not happy with you purchase...
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    Laying hens and pullets

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  7. chickadoodles

    Sore on roosters comb

    Can anyone tell me what this is on his comb and how to deal with it please?
  8. chickadoodles

    Homemade Hickory or Pecan Syrup

    Homemade Pecan syrup made from the trees on our farm. Sold in pint or quart jars and packed in bubble wrap and shipped flat rate. Pecan 8.00 per pint plus shipping Pecan 14.00 per quart plus shipping I will notify you of actual shipping. I will accept payment via paypal. PM me for the next...
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    2 - 6 1/2 Month old Narragansett Toms

    For sale 2 - 6 1/2 Month old Purebred Narragansett Toms 30.00 each. They are NPIP and AI tested clean. They have been hand fed since they hatched and have been with chickens, roosters and young chickens and get along well with them and will not harm them. They are very sweet natured. I just...
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    Homemade Hickory or Pecan pancake syrup

    Homemade Hickory and Pecan syrup for sale. Made fresh from the trees on our farm. No preservatives or additives. Hickory syrup takes 2 days to make 10.00 per pint plus shipping Pecan syrup takes a whole day to make 8.00 per pint plus shipping I will wrap each jar in bubble wrap and put bubble...
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    Pink eggs

    Can anyone tell me if the pink egg layer is a specific cross breed for the easter egger? I would like to have a pink egg layer and I bought more EE's than any of my other breeds hoping I might get a variety of colors of eggs. Thank you!
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    Nest box bedding

    Good morning everyone! I was hoping I might get some help. I would like to know what everyone is using for bedding in their nest boxes. I was thinking of using pine shavings. Please help!
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    My chicks are scared to be outside

    Hi all, I don't know what to do with my chicks. They are over a month old and fully feathered so we put them outside coop and run. However the only time they will go outside is when we are out there with them! When we come back in they run back in the coop! This has been going on for nearly a...
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    Aussie's first play time outside

    I took my Aussie's outside for some playtime as we are going to put them outside this weekend so we want them to be used to going outside. Our Pitt decided to babysit. lol I have to put them in the laundry basket to move them when cleaning the brooder or outside... lol They don't mind.
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    Why are turkeys more fragile

    Can someone please tell me why turkeys are considered more fragile than chickens like for transporting them? Thank you
  16. chickadoodles

    Happy Easter everyone!

    Happy Easter like SCG said to all that celebrate and to everyone else have a great day!
  17. chickadoodles

    My Aussie chick needs help PLEASE

    Hi everyone! I was hoping someone could help me... One of my Aussie chicks has some sores on her neck and she is not growing her feathers on her wings. She is the only one like this and I have 12 in the same brooder. Please help!!!
  18. chickadoodles

    Aussie chick needs help!

    Hi all, I have one chick that has some sores on it's neck and is not growing her feathers on her wings for some reason. She is the only one like this and I don't know what is wrong with her. Can someone please help me?
  19. chickadoodles

    I got some new babies

    I got 6 EE babies and two Royal Palm Turkey's but one of the RPT did not make it... Royal Palm Turkey EE so cute! Little cuties EE's cuetness pretty baby I wanted a pair of RPT's but I will have to see if I can find one that is closer to me so I can pick it up...
  20. chickadoodles

    Eggs saved this man's face

    Posted by" Rick Loebach A young man sprinkling his lawn and bushes with pesticides wanted to check the contents of the barrel to see how much pesticide remained in it. He raised the cover and lit his lighter; the vapors ignited and engulfed him He jumped from his truck, screaming. His neighbor...
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