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    Winter is coming! Protecting eggs from freezing

    Hey all, This will be my first winter with chickens and I've been researching methods to prevent eggs from freezing. As such I began to look for heating mats and have seen many seedling and reptile mats but with my nesting box size of 16" x 48" (divided into three separate boxes by...
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    Silkies in winter

    Hello all! First winter with my flock and I have four pure silkies and three that appear to be silkie mixes in addition to some RI Reds, Brahmas, EEs, and Leghorns. I know that the big birds will do fine in the winter with adequate ventilation, however, I've heard that some others have heard...
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    Need help with breeds:

    Hey all, Can you please help identify the breed of these chicks? Two are the same breed with furry feet, the other looks similar but no furry feet. Thanks!
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    How many roosters to keep?

    So out of my 8 straight run silkies, it turns out that 6 are roosters!! What are the odds?! Apparently 3:1, lol. I have 10 various other hens. All chickens are six months old but two of the roos are becoming quite aggressive and actually came after me today. Given the high number of roos and...
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    My Silkie's splay leg miraculous recovery

    I got my chicks in early April this year. The first day one of the Silkies appeared to be off balance and weak. We took her to water and food and gave vitamins - worked great within a day or two. She was then named Dizzy as she looked dizzy trying to stand when we got her. However, another...
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    Deworming thoughts/poll

    I have been reading on regular deworming schedules and have gotten mixed opinions. Some say just do fecals regularly, some say just deworm regularly. This from BYC folks as well as Vets. Looking for pros/cons of each as well as reasons/literature supporting your views. Please vote too. Thanks!
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    Coop pics. thoughts please

    Hey all, I’m putting up some pics of my coop build, it’s almost complete. Chickens going in soon so I’d like to make any big changes before that (if needed). Let me know what you think! Coop is 8’ x 8’ with 5’ walls. Using deep litter method with hemp. Linoleum lines floor...
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    Please help with roost location(s)

    Hi all, I need to put up the roost(s) in my coop. Coop is 8’x8’ with 5’ walls and 8’ at the peak of the ceiling and I have 9 silkies, 2 Easter Eggers, 3 Rhode Island Reds, 3 Leghorns, and 2 Brahma. At the back of the coop is a deep litter emptying door that will fold down and two swinging...
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    Confused about roosting bars

    Hello, I am finishing up my coop and just need to put in roosting bars. However, I've become a bit confused about the configuration. I will be using 2x4 wood with the wide side up as I am in Upstate NY and want their feet to be covered in winter when they roost. I have five breeds - 2...
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    Glad to be here!

    Hello, Just joint BYC and want to introduce myself. My name is Christopher and I just got my first chicks this past week! I have thought about chickens for a couple years now and last fall I pulled the trigger and started building my coop in anticipation for chicks this spring. My coop is...
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