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  1. old biddy

    Fleas around eyes

    Thank you for the good information. Question: how do you treat chickens with Advantage for cats???
  2. old biddy

    Guinea hen in love with peacock

    Okay. Here is one for the books. I have one male and two female guinea fowl. The male and the larger female seem to hang out together while the smaller female tags along. Occasionally they pick on her - so it is obvious that she is feeling left out. Yesterday, the smaller female was...
  3. old biddy

    Fleas around eyes

    Yes, she got the fleas from the pen. I am thinking of treating the pen with a flea powder for cats. I will check out the ingredients and research what effect if any it would have on poultry/peafowl. Have you had any experience in this situation? Or, any other ideas?
  4. old biddy

    Fleas around eyes

    I have permethrin but I also have five farm cats that have access to her pen. So I can’t use it in the pen because of its toxicity to cats. However I will use it while I have the hen in the kennel away from the cats at least until I rid her of the fleas. Once I return her to the pen are there...
  5. old biddy

    Fleas around eyes

    I have a rescue bird has been in quarantine in a pen separate from the others. I noticed today that she has fleas around both her eyes. I treated her pen with Diatomaceaous Earth and Manna Pro Poultry Protector spray. Now I am trying to rid her eyes and the rest of her of the fleas before I...
  6. old biddy

    Help. Can someone tell me the age of this peacock

    Since the photo is in late November, I say he is a mature adult. I have a 5 year old who molted in August and now is starting his new train in similar late December. I am in North Florida and mine start mating around mid March or early April. Eggs arrive usually in May. Good...
  7. old biddy

    What killed our guinea fowl?

    Was it a large cat? I had thought the guineas were pretty big for a regular cat but I guess if a cat is hungry it will go for whatever it can. I do remember a stray cat years ago started hanging around my hen first it seemed friendly enough around the chickens, but then I observed...
  8. old biddy

    What killed our guinea fowl?

    Thanks for responding, Sourland. Yes, feathers were scattered around the body - all within a 10 x 10 foot area. I know we have eagles, hawks and owls in the area.
  9. old biddy

    What killed our guinea fowl?

    I am caretaker for a neighbor's farm and I feed their three free ranging adult guinea fowl, their penned up keets, chickens and a stray kitten who took up residence. Today when I went to the farm to feed the animals I saw one of the adult guinea fowl laying dead near the pen where we keep the...
  10. old biddy

    Male or Female

    Yes, these look just like my ALMOST 4 month old peahen. They are beautiful!
  11. old biddy

    Are burlap sacks safe to transport peafowl?

    Are the feet and legs tied together inside the bag or just loose?
  12. old biddy

    Is my mom crazy.

    Your mom sounds like me...
  13. old biddy

    Comment by 'old biddy' in article 'The perch experiment'

    So informative. I appreciate all the time and work it took to conduct these experiments. Well done!
  14. old biddy

    strange behavior

    Could she have been pecking at mites or fleas or lice? I have seen my birds do that with each other.
  15. old biddy

    Best age to introduce peachick to older peafowl

    I have a 10 week old peachick that has been raised alone in pen. She is a healthy and vibrant chick and is doing very well. But I hate that she is alone and wonder at what age I should try to integrate her into our aviary where I have 3 yearling peafowl. I have brought the peachick over...
  16. old biddy

    Peafowl and peachick in same building together?

    I have the same situation. My young peachick (female) is 10 weeks old and has been in a pen by itself...I am wondering at what age I should try to acclimate my yearling peafowl to her. I hate that she is all alone but want to be sure she can handle herself with older birds. I have put her in...
  17. old biddy

    dead rooster in coop

    The coop has slatted boards with spaces 1" - 1 1/2" inches between them. There may be a place here or there that had even slightly more space so I think a small possum could get in. I have removed the hens from my neighbor's coop and brought them home to my farm until he makes the coop more...
  18. old biddy

    dead rooster in coop

    I have had a possum get into my chicken pen before and kill a hen that I had in quarantine. At first I didn't know what had done it so I put a small animal trap in the pen the next night and, sure enough, in the morning there was the possum. I was shocked that it could get through the very...
  19. old biddy

    dead rooster in coop

    Actually, that was the first thing I thought of...upon finding the dead rooster I suspiciously looked up at the two girls sitting on the roost, looking down at me and Dos (the rooster)... then I thought "well that's just a crazy thought." But then...
  20. old biddy

    dead rooster in coop

    In addition to my own chickens, guinea fowl and peafowl I also take care of my neighbor's chickens and guinea fowl. This morning I went by his farm to check on his chickens and found his rooster dead on the floor of the coop. There was no sign of entry...the two hens who reside with the...
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