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  1. Pure Country

    Australian Shepherds-SOLD Thank You

    I wish I were closer. I love Aussies. I raised them for years when we lived in Texas and after we moved here. I don't have Aussies any longer.
  2. Pure Country

    Anyone concerned about the Swine Flu that owns pigs???

    Beef Magazine article. The pork industry finds itself with a serious public relations problem that is not of its own making and, in reality has nothing to do with pigs — SWINE FLU IS A PIG/PORK PROBLEM IN NAME ONLY! That is the emphatic word over the weekend from both the National Pork...
  3. Pure Country

    Anyone concerned about the Swine Flu that owns pigs???

    There is no relation between pigs and swine flu except for the name.
  4. Pure Country

    Lilac bush starts for sale in WA

    I would love to get one but I am not sure if they would grow here. I have seen them for sale at Lowes. We had a huge lilac bush in our backyard when we lived in Indiana. I miss it. That is one of my favorite scents.
  5. Pure Country

    Chocolate Lab

    When we bred our oldest choc. female to our black male, she had 10 pups. Only one was choc. My brother in Va. has her and a brother. The 2nd litter was 12. This time there was 4 Choc. and 8 black. We kept one Choc. female. Both females are spayed. I would like to have bred the young...
  6. Pure Country

    Chocolate Lab

    You don't want to breed Choc. to Choc. I wanted to breed my female choc. lab to a choc. male so I contacted a breeder of quality duck dogs and asked her. She said you never, never, never breed Choc. to Choc. I ended up breeding her to one of my black males. I have 2 black males and 2 choc...
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