1. Chicky Crazy


    ...eight weeks old. I want to integrate them with them to my three other two year old hens. Currently four but one will be butchered before integrating (I gave her a good life and she's so mean to me! Besides I'm sure she would murder the chicks anyway). I want to know when I should start...
  2. JosiesMom


    I have 4 one year olds -3 hens and a rooster and need to integrate 3 four month olds. I am looking for suggestions please!
  3. jbryant24

    Integrating New Chickens

    We are wanting to integrate new chickens into a flock of ten free range (on 3 acres) chickens (Araucana and Sex Link chickens). Are there breeds that will integrate into an existing flock better than others? How many might be a good number to integrate? Thanks.
  4. The Farmers' Daughter

    Integrating a roo

    Hi. I'm getting a roo tomorrow. I'm actually really excited about it. I know that there are advocates for and against quarantine. I'd love to hear from both sides. Do I integrate him the same way I'd integrate hens? Separated but beside each other?

    Chicken Integration

    I am well read on integrating chickens and I had a plan for integrating four new chickens into our flock of two. We had ordered four from a local poultry person who was willing to brood them for us until they could go out into the coop. However, my plans have a wrench thrown in them because one...
  6. SimplyForties

    Integration issues

    I'm new to turkey keeping with three 10 week old Narragansetts. I'd like to add a couple more and wonder if I should expect the same issues integrating new turkeys and I do when I integrate new chickens. I know about quarranting new birds but after that, what should I expect?
  7. lavistaparkchicks

    Integrating Chicks

    I have 2 hen about 14 weeks old and just got two 2-week old chicks. I want to add them to the hen house. I know I need to wait till the chicks are bigger. How old should the chicks be before they are integrated, and what is the best way to integrate them?
  8. SweetTea&Chicks

    Integrating bantams

    I've been looking at bantams to be my spring chicks this year but my concern is that integrating them into an established flock of 10 standard sized chickens will not be pretty. There is plenty of room in my coop and I free range (still debating letting bantams free-range). I have 2 that are...
  9. Heartforchickens

    Integrating New Ones

    Is it possible to integrate young chicks with older hens? If so, what is the best way to do it? Also how to integrate full grown hens with older hens? Thank you for your advice.


    Hello everyone! I have a flock of 11 chicks that are 10 weeks old. I am wanting to integrate my silkies that are 6 weeks old. Would they be okay together? Just curious about size difference. Thanks!
  11. Ducklover2

    Integrating chicks.

    At what age and how should i integrate chicks into the chicken flock?
  12. nuts4hotwheels

    integrating chicks

    ...babies are getting two big for the brooder, but the big chickens peck at them when I put them in the run. Does anybody have any tips for integrating them? I have them free ranging in the evening and I am hoping that they will get use to each other in the yard, but the big ones just chase...
  13. busybeelee


    ...littles" so we could keep them outside. They are now 21 weeks, they range separately most of the time, sometimes they are in close proximately. Mostly, we just have two pairs of chickens. Do I have any chance of ever integrating them to be in one coop? How would you suggest I go about...
  14. Suriname

    Integrating with the flock

    Does anyone know at what age I can release the babies to integrate with the adults? I have Ebdems and White Chinese.
  15. Hopefulloflove

    integration questions

    I have several scenarios going on right now and need help. I have a silkie roo that I had to seperate..how do I integrate him back in...There is a roo in there who rules the roost and they have always gotten along fine, but now that he has been seperated I am afraid he wont be accepted back. Do...
  16. G

    Can a chicken integrate by herself?

    My pullet is having trouble integrating into my flock. Should we get another chicken to integrate with her, and if so, what breeds would be chill?
  17. kpollertindy

    Integrating chicks

    Integrating chicks into a current younger flock. I have four one month old hens I am attempting to integrate into 5 month old flock of six. Using panic room method with their brooding cage attached to run via two 4"x8" openings, how long until I can do away with panic room? Younger hens already...
  18. chickencheeper

    Integrating small numbers

    ...is the integration really going to be a nightmare? Or should we get 6(the feed store minimum and what I want) more? How would we go about integrating them, we have another run in the making that will be connected to the original via Chunnel(chicken tunnel) would that be a good pen for them to...
  19. asionne

    Integrating the flock

    ...integrate new pullets into my existing flock? I have three that are 5ish months old, and I have 4 that are 3 weeks old. I am planning on integrating the babies in when they are old enough to go outside, but I don't know the best way to do so. My coop is big enough for all of them. How do I...
  20. CWA131419

    Integrating chicks

    How do I integrate 15 2 day old baby chicks into 15 9 day old chicks?
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