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  1. Rotnguns

    Snakes galore!!! UGH

    Quote: Bishop, sorry for your loss but I gotta ask.. how did the snake get into your kitchen, and how did it find your hamsters?
  2. Rotnguns

    Feral cats- 0 Sig Sauer -3

    +1, gocrow! Well done for protecting your pets! I have many feral cats around and as long as they leave my chickens alone, they can stay. Amazing - until this Spring, they never touched a day-old chick! However, two new cats crossed the line this March by killing two replacement pullets. I...
  3. Rotnguns

    What kills a chicken in the daytime and leaves only feathers behind?

    Quote: Hawk cannot carry a whole adult chicken. Suspect canine (fox, coyote, dog). If you search further, you may find one or two more piles of feathers - kill is usually accompanied by downier feathers, catch by longer ones. If you find headless, ripped-up birds, suspect owls/hawks. They...
  4. Rotnguns

    Newbie, just lost a chick (long with questions)

    Quote: "20 - 50%" is a really high mortality rate, IMO. Should be less than 5% for good, healthy chicks, even with turkeys, barring some catastrophe.
  5. Rotnguns

    New Chickens won't roost

    Hi Rooster, Roosting in laying hens is actually an acquired taste. Most of my 160 hens roost but there are a few who seem happy to stay on the ground. By the way, what type of roost are you supplying them? They're not too particular but it should be easy for them to grip. Also, if it is not...
  6. Rotnguns


    Quote: Hi dospuercos, Happens because the hatchery you ordered from needed to dump some rooster chicks. Next time, best to spend a few extra $$ and order sexed chicks. Note that the cost of chicks, whatever it is, will be miniscule compared to your feed costs while they are growing to...
  7. Rotnguns

    come here, duckie, duckie, duckie...

    Hi Fisher, The itinerary of critters that you listed indicates that you have at most 8 hens (not counting the two chicks) and 2 roosters. IMO, too many roosters for such a low number of hens. I like to keep the rooster/hen ratio to about 1/10 to keep the hens from getting shredded and the...
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