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  1. ronkonkoma

    Would you remove this egg?

    yes that’s what I assumed happened. It stopped developing at some point. I kind of think what I’m thinking may be veining is a blood ring? ‍♀️ We’ll see but I’m thinking it’s no good. It’s day 17 and is much smaller than the rest.
  2. ronkonkoma

    Would you remove this egg?

    I have an egg with no movement at all. I candles day 11 and 17. Let’s just talk about movement. How often would you see. NOTHING and the chick still be good? the veining if that’s what it is, is not extensive. Air cell looks good. Chick looks smaller than the others. I’m considering throwing...
  3. ronkonkoma

    Chicken Breeding Projects, For 2020!

    mom going to be selling fertile eggs for the first time this year.
  4. ronkonkoma

    Silkies & YOU!

    I have lost a few, but have only had Silkies, Satins and Polish and don’t know much else... and I have quite a bit lol. I absolutely love Silkies!!
  5. ronkonkoma

    Northeastern Poultry Congress! Jan 18/19 2020 Who’s going?

    I plan on going, but I’m so last minute, I haven’t even looked for hotels yet LOL
  6. ronkonkoma

    Silkies & YOU!

    Silkie Selfies . Let’s see who we’re talking to. Post a pic of your Silkies with you, and let us know what state/country you’re in. ❤️❤️ As many pics as you want! This is me and Frosty, a white Silkie from Catdance, Karen Larson. I was a little afraid she’d peck me in the eye Long Island New York!
  7. ronkonkoma

    New silkie lover

    Get them DNA sexed. It’s actually pretty cheap, especially if you’re only sexing 3.
  8. ronkonkoma

    Got our annual family pictures back. Here’s a few.

    Thank you for looking :).
  9. ronkonkoma

    Valbazen Dosage?

    thank you for the reply coach. You’re absolutely right. I have often been given very different answers in regards to this.
  10. ronkonkoma

    Got our annual family pictures back. Here’s a few.

    We always try to include some pets. Bummed none of the chicken pics came out great... but the dogs and kids did :)
  11. ronkonkoma

    Valbazen Dosage?

    I’ve never treated my birds and I’ve never seen worms. I know some people don’t ever worm their birds unless they see them, and some treat their birds a couple times a year just in case. Wondering what you all do?
  12. ronkonkoma

    Red tail hawks are toying with me and terrorizing my flock!

    I’d have the hose hooked up, on with a closed nozzle on the end so you can spray near them. That might get them further away? I had the same issue. I scared it away and it just perched nearby and stared at me.
  13. ronkonkoma

    how to get buff silkies, without owning buff silkies?

    I’m so bad as well. I was always told you need buff to get buff and you should only breed buff to buff. Makes me wonder where the first buff color came from. Not 100%
  14. ronkonkoma

    Splashed Clouds Silkies .. hello

    Welcome Lisa! I also breed splash and blue Silkies :)
  15. ronkonkoma

    Silkie bantam

    Maybe it’s a paint? Only time will tell I guess.
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