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  1. farnorth

    Incubating gone wrong

    I have the same incubator. The temperature reading on it is not accurate and neither is the humidity reading. You will need to get something accurate to read the temperature and the humidity. I shoot for 30 to 35 % humidity for first 18 days. then 65 - 75 % for the hatch. When I tried to use...
  2. farnorth

    Zipping IV Life

    I had one do that and it needed was too sticky to move. Usually once they begin zipping they zip and hatch within half an hour....I'd say your chick might be stuck
  3. farnorth

    Hatching eggs without an incubator?

    Do you have a rooster? If you have a rooster and the eggs are fertile she can hatch them just fine. I would put a mark on them so that if any more eggs get layed in her nest by other hens you can remove them. You don't want the hens to keep adding to them, it works best for the original eggs to...
  4. farnorth

    Air Cell/ Humidity

    Sometimes I leave the ones with small aircells more upright for hatching so that liquid from the egg won't fill the aircell. Also aircells grow dramatically in the last 2 or 3 days. I had some tiny ones that got way larger at the very end. And for others they pipped way higher if their aircell...
  5. farnorth

    Wife Got Me An Incubator

    Some people like them and some people don't. this I do can't trust the temp and humidity readings that it will give you. You will need to get a reliable thermometer and a reliable hygrometer to use with it. This is true of almost any incubator you would buy. Also, keep the...
  6. farnorth

    Treats for chicks?

    X2 dry oatmeal and wait a while on treats
  7. farnorth

    Tractor supply pullets

    If they are sex links (and they appear to be) then they will all be hens for sure. They don't make mistakes with sex links because the little roosters are a solid yellow chick with no other color and is white when grown. The pullets chicks are yellow with red tints on them and will be redish...
  8. farnorth

    Number of birds I can run in my setup.

    I have a similar size set up. I keep 16 most of the time. In summer I will let a broody raise some chicks and my numbers might climb to 30 with 16 being adults and 14 being youngsters. They do get to free range in nice weather. and are not confined to the run except for when I don't want...
  9. farnorth

    help! broken shell at day 18-20

    I had one like that. I kept it in a cup. After a while I gave it some sugar water and electrolites from a dropper (just a drop not a lot you can get fluid into their lungs doing this) and she perked up and lived.
  10. farnorth

    bullseye/fertile egg question?

    Usually takes at least 3 days after first mating to get fertile eggs.
  11. farnorth

    Introduction of new chicks to the flock.

    I Isolate my hen in a large brooder cage inside the coop. Later her and her babies will be allowed out when the flock is free ranging. (when the babies are about 2 weeks of age). If it works like it did for me last year.... at night she will return to the nest area in the cage with her...
  12. farnorth

    Broody Hen info

    I'm feeding my broody chick starter. She doesn't need layer feed while she's not laying and I think since she's eating less she could use the extra protein that's in the chick starter. Also a little scratch grains. Yogurt is probably okay but it might not be a good time for veggies right now...
  13. farnorth

    Janoel Incubation Experience

    Double yolk eggs don't usually hatch well.
  14. farnorth

    Air Cell/ Humidity

    I find eggtopsies are a little easier to do if you first seal the egg in a zip lock baggie....that way you don't have to worry about a mess or smells...and you can have a look thrugh the plastic or toss it if you find you just can't do it...
  15. farnorth

    Yolks on top??? Normal??

    The chick developes on the surface of the yolk. The yolks are usually near the top blunt end of the egg and not down in the pointed end that I have ever seen. Not sure what you are seeing but if a majority of them are the same I would guess it is normal. I doubt a bunch of your eggs would do...
  16. farnorth

    Blood in your eggs

    Who's eggs? Why would blood in the eggs mean they weren't free range? you can have blood spots in free range eggs. it's commercial eggs that won't have blood spots because they candle the eggs. Blood spot won't hurt you, I just use those eggs for baking.
  17. farnorth

    Shipping chicks/post office question

    How soon are the chicks coming? any chance you could mail a letter to that post master asking him to call you because you have an order of chicks coming to his post office and you want to make sure that everything will be all right and that you have tried to telephone him but have not been able...
  18. farnorth

    Emergency! What now?

    Don't feel dumb's your first time....I was mystified looking at a candled egg....takes a bunch of candling to eventually start to understand what you are looking at..... just be glad there really is nothing wrong and the air cells are probably just fine.... :)
  19. farnorth

    Emergency! What now?

    Correct me if I am wrong but I think you are looking at the wrong end of the egg for your air cells. No possible way air sacks are that big at day 8. I think you are marking the pointy ends that are simply empty right now. Your air sacs will be at the fat end.
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