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    Pics of different breeds of pheasants

    Nerdykid- you got it right! so don't listen to Baja. Seanhas lots of info it's just not all correct.
  2. spectrumranch

    Jumbo pheasants for sale

    Jumbo Ringnecks Jumbo White Ringnecks
  3. spectrumranch

    Show off your Pheasants!!

    And one to our Ornamental pheasants
  4. spectrumranch

    Show off your Pheasants!!

    link to our domestic ringnecks
  5. spectrumranch

    Show off your Pheasants!!

    We have to many species of pheasants to post all the photos here. So here is link to our album True Wild Phasianus pheasants:
  6. spectrumranch

    Ringneck Pheasants- post your pics or questions.

    Mauigirl- here is our facebook page-
  7. spectrumranch

    Ibex Anyone?

    I have not posted many photos of our Ibex. I have a couple more pics in another album: I will try to post more pics when I have time.
  8. spectrumranch

    How many jumbo ringneck pheasants in a 8wx16Lx8H pen

    Jumbo Ringneck male and Regular Ringneck male These are young birds hatched this summer so they will get heavier as they fully mature. In October- the Jumbo males average about 4.25 to 4.50 pounds compared to the regular males that average about 2.25 pounds. The young jumbo hens are averaging...
  9. spectrumranch

    Are Swans that cool?

    Your first problem is paying $2600 for a pair of Black Swans. If you buy from breeders rather than the poultry clearing houses prices on all the birds will be much less. Our black swans start out selling $150 for babies up to $1500 for a proven breeding pair.
  10. spectrumranch

    Bianchi pheasants We have some young birds for sale. Best is to contact me thru facebook or email direct [email protected]
  11. spectrumranch

    Hybrid Pheasants

    Excellent photos again Wildlifeartist. I have learnt a lot about the hybrids being fertile from your posts. I always believed that crossing two different families of pheasants resulted in a sterile bird. Which comes from years of people spouting their beliefs rather than actual proof. Glad to...
  12. spectrumranch

    Pheasant Chicken Hybrids

    RedBaron- Awesome pics! If you are on facebook check out my group USA Breeders of Gamebirds and Wild Waterfowl Would love for you to post some pictures there. I have a chicken x ringneck pheasant that I raised this summer also.
  13. spectrumranch

    Hybrid Pheasants

    Wildlife Artist- I just seen the photos of the hybrids you posted awhile ago. I don't get on here very much. Awesome photos. Thank you for sharing. Very Interesting.
  14. spectrumranch

    East RIver - South Dakota

    ATTENTION SOUTH DAKOTA POULTRY FANCIERS ASSOCIATION MEMBERS or anyone interested in joining: I will be working on the spring newsletter this week. If you have any info to ad, articles or want to place a classified ad, (free for members) email me at [email protected] ALSO there is a...
  15. spectrumranch

    Eating dove eggs?

    Wouldn't it take 12 to make a dozen?
  16. spectrumranch

    Please post pix of your pheasants. :]

    Anyone interested in Gamebirds (pheasants, partridge, quail, and other wild type upland birds) or in Wild waterfowl (ducks, geese, swans, coots, crane) in the USA. Check out the new facebook page. Just getting started. USA Breeders of Gamebirds & Wild Waterfowl...
  17. spectrumranch

    Pictures of Pheasant Housing/Run

    Those are just a local weed that grows here in the pens. We water them so they get a good start. The 16 x 8 pens are made out of Horse Panels purchased from TSC. Each panel is 5' tall by 16' long.
  18. spectrumranch

    Golden Lakenvelders

    Anyone here with Golden Lakenvelders?
  19. spectrumranch

    Help Identify Peafowl, please!

    That is a spalding male. Blue India's would not have the yellow on the face.
  20. spectrumranch

    Grey Junglefowl

    We have to go thru ours and decide what we are keeping and selling. So may have some coming up for sale this spring.
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