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  1. Joz

    Grass/Weeds Control BEFORE chickens

    Propane weed torch from Harbor Freight?
  2. Joz

    Are grass clippings bad for your chickens?

    People have had problems with grass clippings leading to crop impaction. The length of the clipped grass is too long, and will get balled up with other clippings and not pass freely through the crop. When they graze on vegetation and grass, they pull smaller pieces off the plants. These...
  3. Joz

    Neighbor threatening to "take out my roosters"

    Make sure you've got a copy of your survey on-hand so the next time he grumps about your garden location (or nabs veggies he thinks are on his property) you can point out where the property line is relative to the fence/drive/road whatever. Maybe also keep a copy of your local codes handy...
  4. Joz

    I'm getting abuse from my contractor. I am learing.

    If you have insulation, a tight envelope (skin, exterior), and central air conditioning, in Florida, you TOTALLY NEED A VAPOR BARRIER. If you do not have a vapor barrier, and you are cooling and dehumidifying the interior of your house in the summertime, you're sucking heat and humidity...
  5. Joz

    Vegetarians ( and Vegans ) Thread!!!

    I'm not currently a veggie,but I have been in the past and do still enjoy eating primarily veggie meals. As re the Vegetarian Hot Dogs: Why? I've never groked the whole "fake meat" thing. I like veggieburgers because they're grain-and-veg patties, not because they're almost like hamburgers...
  6. Joz

    Omaha Ne Permit DENIED

    I just posted a long description of "how to figure out if you are allowed to have chickens" here: And you should start looking for your codes either here: Or on the website for your...
  7. Joz

    Pet Ordinance

    The way zoning works is, cities are broken up into zones. These zones are labeled "residential" or "commercial" or "industrial" or "agricultural", or "residential 1" or "light industrial". Or something else, but the basic idea is the same. Each zone has allowable uses to which your land may...
  8. Joz

    Um, so I was gifted a fig tree...

    Figs are excellent. The trees are easy to prune, and therefore easy to shape to the desired form. You can let it get tall, or keep it short and wide. The first leaves are a reliable indication of springtime. Some figs are greenish or pink when ripe, others get nearly black. Ask what...
  9. Joz

    I want to be a vet. Do I NEED to take pre-cal in high school?

    Advanced Placement (with the test) or College High (offers college credit, often via local community college) classes are always a good idea. I took College High Biology, wound up with 3 college credits from Lane Community College, and managed to opt out of my college math/lab science...
  10. Joz

    Who Still has their Christmas tree up besides me?

    I leave mine up until 12th Night. And since that's the beginning of Carnival, many people here in New Orleans re-decorate them for Mardi Gras.
  11. Joz

    What's the best siding, roofing, heating,and flooring material to use?

    A warning about fiber-cement siding (HardiBoard, or similar): It's not terribly thermally stable. It can shrink or grow depending on the temperature (check the product information for actual figures). Unless you use super-duper elastomeric caulk (stretchy), your caulk joints might crack and...
  12. Joz

    Sponges for coyotes

    Get a few donkeys to protect your herd! The barn I ride at has a herd of cattle, and they run 5 or 6 standard donkeys with them. They're the cutest fuzzy little dudes with huge floppy ears, and they're super sweet, but I couldn't figure out why they were there... until I heard the coyotes one...
  13. Joz

    Aaargh! *gasp Gasp**

    French Press: Available at most kitchen stores or departments. You shouldn't have any trouble finding one in Oregon. Recommend coarse ground coffee, boiling water, steep 4 minutes and then press. You'll have to fiddle with the amount of ground coffee you put in...
  14. Joz

    Oh Craigslist, You Amuse Me So!

    Huh??? chicken browler - $75 (bush,la) Date: 2011-12-16, 5:19PM CST i have a chicken browler that i am selling for $75 holds about 30 chicks.also has a heat lamp in it. Location: bush,la it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests...
  15. Joz

    How much is that doggie in the window?

    I found two approx. 4 month old puppies wandering a friend's neighborhood. They were cute, reasonably friendly, and I couldn't leave them out on the streets (catchable strays and craigslisted free dogs are often collected and used as bait dogs for dogfighting). So, we took them home. Fencing...
  16. Joz

    Essay Contest for up-to-18-year-olds: Voice for the Horse

    Came across this essay contest whilst popping about the web. I know there's a bunch of intrepid equestrian whippersnappers about, and thought y'all might be interested. Chat with your parents first... looks like the main competition website at has a wavier and some...
  17. Joz

    Riding Equipment ?

    Quote: Why should it not be the child's decision about what discipline to train? If she wants riding lessons, presumably she's got an idea about what she wants to do. Granted, it took me nearly a week at 6 years old to decide if I wanted to jump, like in the Olympics, or barrel race. I've...
  18. Joz

    Saving on energy costs

    Frozen is kinda like dry, right? I've heard suggested that any garments/items of unacceptable stiffness after line drying be put in the dryer for a few minutes to fluff.
  19. Joz


    Re: skinning a duck What's the point of duck if you've not got that crispy skin and rendered duck fat? GAAH! I'd totally spend the time and energy to pluck and wax a duck, rather than lose all that happy food. Not that I've ever plucked anything in my life, mind. But it's the principle of...
  20. Joz

    help! removing color zip ties from leg

    Use wire cutters to nip 'em off.
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