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    Ivermectin for chickens, sick hen

    hi everyone! my 3 &1/2 year old rode island red have impacted and sour crop for a about 2 weeks now. her crop this morning is so full and seems softer. and i have been giving her vegetable oil and yeast medecine. she's letargic and we are planning to open up her crop but not so sure afraid to...
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    Help! with my Rhode Island Red hen

    today she's not drinking and not eating. I'm giving her 2 tsp of oil. The miconazole is for yeast infection that causes the sour crop. and she's not laying eggs since spring. She had this problem before and came out of it.
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    Help! with my Rhode Island Red hen

    She has had impacted crop for over a week now and also sour crop. I've been treating her with coconut oil and some vegetable oil along with massaging her crop. Also she is on the sixth day of treatment with Miconazole. Her crop is still hard and she seems to be going downhill. I don't want to...
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