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  1. missy5

    Da' Cute and Cuddly Call Duck thread!

    I have 5 girls and i get 3 or 4 eggs a day.
  2. missy5


    Can you plant it in the run? (mint) Is it ok for the chickens and ducks?
  3. missy5

    Frizzle Thread ~ PICS ~~ Must Read Info On Page 4!!!

    I love this thread. I have a frizzle and a sizzle. I only have a couple of pics of my white sizzle from months ago but i will take more pics tomorrow. Here she is. I just love how gentle she is, just like my silkies.
  4. sizzles and frizzles and silkies

    sizzles and frizzles and silkies

  5. missy5

    Silkie thread!

    I love these silkies. I finally got some this past spring. I hade to drive 9 hours but it was worth it. Here are a few pics. I realy don't know anything about silkies but i have been loooking for two years. They are the most gentle chickens i've ever had. The only problem i am having is colour...
  6. missy5

    Duck Pond/pool pictures

    Hi. To the duck owner in COLD Canada. I live in Lindsay Ontario. I have two ponds that i empty every winter and i fill them with straw. My ducks love to gather ontop of that through the day. Last year i got a couple of large black rubber tubs from tsc. They are easy to pick up and dump outside...
  7. missy5

    Da' Cute and Cuddly Call Duck thread!

    Question for all you call lovers. When sexing your calls has anyone else found that their males get an olive green bill before they quack or get their drake feathers? Maybe it's just me but out of all my calls the males seem to have green bills. I would show you but still can't figure out pics...
  8. missy5

    How do I tell the sex????

    One of you said check the beaks (bill). That was my question. It seems all of my calls that are males have an olive green coloured bill. Seems to be true every time. I don't even like to sell them until i know if they are male or female. Has anyone else found the green bill to be another way to...
  9. missy5

    Da' Cute and Cuddly Call Duck thread!

    Some of my calls are odd coulors too. If i can figure out how to put up a pic i will. It's been quite awhile and i havnt tried since the site changed. It used to say uploads and now it doesn't. Don't know how to put pics up. HELP PLEASE.
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