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  1. Aussie-Chookmum

    Red stuff in poo in 12 week old pullet

    I have four hens and added a Easter egger pullet to my flock, from the same breeder the rest of my girls come from, two and a half weeks ago. Four or five days after getting her she had red in her droppings but otherwise seemed OK. I spoke to my "Chicken guy" who thought she may have picked up...
  2. Aussie-Chookmum

    Impacted Crop? How do I clear it?

    My hen's crop is full and hard when she goes to roost at night and is still quite full first thing in the morning, though not as hard. My other hens have little to no palpable crop in the mornings. Does this mean it's impacted and if so how do I help her empty her crop? I think this has been...
  3. Aussie-Chookmum

    Crushed egg in nesting box today after hen not laying for several months. Should I be worried?

    I have 4 hens. Two are 3.5 years old (Leghorn and Rhode Island Red) and two are just 20 weeks. Both the older hens moulted late last year/early this year and went off the lay. The leghorn started laying again about a month ago and the Rhode Island Red started squatting and checking out nest...
  4. Aussie-Chookmum

    Introducing myself and my chooks

    I consider myself a newbie. Although I first adopted two Isa Brown hens in 2013 there's lots I don't know. I found The Back Yard Chicken website a few weeks ago and hope to pick all of you lovely people's brains! I currently have two 2&1/2 year old hens. Tsuki, a leghorn and Deana, a Rhode...
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