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    What are the chances!?!?

    They were non-sexed. I knew the chance of getting a roo was possible but certainly didn't expect 4 buggers!
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    What are the chances!?!?

    I choose pairs of Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, and Barred Rock. The BR are my only gals.
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    What are the chances!?!?

    In May I got my first six chicks at a local feed store. The worker randomly grabbed chicks out of the dozens in the pen. I noticed in time that three were roos. We moved those roos a couple days ago and today one of the remainders began crowing. I just wanted eggs, how in the world did I end...
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    Our first eggs

    We found our first eggs! 24 weeks old sound right?
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    Frisky boys

    In May I got my first six chicks. Three have turned out to be roos. In the last couple weeks the boys are becoming quite amorous. The girls have squawked enough to get my attention but I'd miss what got them started. Today I witnessed a moment and had a question. If the girls aren't readily...
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    What to do...

    I got my first six chicks in May. I wanted a mixed group so I have 2 Buff Orpington, 2 Rhode Island Red and 2 Barred Rock. As it turns out I ended up with 3 roos and 3 hens but not equally balanced. The RIR are both roos and one BO is a roo. I'm not set or ready to try processing but I also...
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    It's hot in the Valley

    We moved to the Central Valley California last year. This spring we got our first chicks (2 buff Orpington, 2 Rhode island red, 2 barred rock). They graduated to their coop about 2 weeks ago but the past several days we've had 100 plus degree days. I check their water and feed, water the run...
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