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    Feather sexing?! How?

    Hi, I've read many diff ways of sexing ducks but I'm confused, some of them are contradictory when I look at these 2. Can anyone help with this please? 1 of them definitely quacks but can never tell which one as they only do it when snuggled up together. Pics arent great, they knew I was upto...
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    Voice sexing- am i getting it right?

    I've got two 4wk old Campbells. I'm thinking the one seen in video is male as sounds like it's got a sore throat and the one you hear in the background is female as higher pitched (and gobbier in general). Have I got that right? Or do you think they're still too squeaky yet? I have heard one...
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    Is this a mal positioned pip or the start of unzipping??

    It's the first egg to start a crack but I'm not sure if its unzipping or a second attempt at external pip. I know that them having to try again can mean they dont make it so I'm not sure if I should be doing anything for them? Obv too dangerous to help them hatch but after so long should I try...
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    Duck eggs at day 23 advice

    I wanted to do a candling check to see if all was ok before lockdown. I thought I'd lost one as the egg had 2 very visible clear areas instead of just one. I put it back with the others whilst I did a bit of research into whether it was dead or not. I've just gone back to it to take a pic so...
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    Will the eggs move towards hatching?

    First time incubating quail eggs. They are in lockdown period and its day 19. Weve not had any pipping that weve seen but we both think that the eggs have moved from where they were. Does this happen or are we imagining it?
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