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    Greenish poop, stopped laying

    Our 6 month old hen hasn’t laid for about 5 days now. She just started laying a few weeks ago, and we haven’t had any in awhile. She also has some greenish poop (pic below). They get to roam the backyard for about 1-2 hours a day, so I’m not sure that she’s eating enough green for that to be the...
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    Integrating new chicks to young flock

    We purchased 4 dayish-old chicks about 10 weeks ago. Two of them ended up being roosters (which we can't have), so we were able to trade them in for some new chicks (sex-linked this time!), which we brought home today. They're about 4 weeks old, inside in the brooder until they feather out...
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    Hens or Roos - 8 weeks

    Looking for some guidance on one of our Australorps and our lavender Orpington. We’re pretty sure they’re both roos but would like confirmation. Thanks!
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