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    Dark Cornish Hen Yellow Poop

    My chicken has had a normal consistency poop but it’s like a brighter yellow for the past couple weeks. We have not figured out what is wrong with her or how to help her. We talked to a vet tech and she said it was coccidiosis but after treating the flock with Amprolium I have not seen any...
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    Dark Cornish One eye closed

    I have a Dark Cornish around 6 months of age and I noticed yesterday that she was standing around with one eye closed and one open. I wasn’t too sure if I was being paranoid and maybe something was bothering her but I noticed it again today. Her behavior is still fairly normal, she is wandering...
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    What breed is my pullet?

    A couple months back I purchased two starter pullets on impulse from a farm online. At the time, I didn’t do much research into the breeds because they were the only pullets the farm had left to sell. After the purchase I was looking more into the breeds and cannot really find anything on Buff...
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    One chicken’s leg is green?

    My Columbian Wyandotte has one leg that has turned green. Is this normal or something I should be worried about?
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    I believe I have a Columbian Rock chick and a Speckled Sussex Chick. I was wondering if anyone has a guess as to what sex they are? They are around 4-5 weeks old. Hope these pictures are good.
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