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    Egg laid in the yard, not the box!

    My girls just started to lay eggs for the first time. With 5 hens I’m not positive which one (or more) are laying. Today, there was no egg in the nest box. However, when I went to lock them in their coop for the night I found an egg ON THE GROUND! It had been there for a few hours as it was...
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    Spilling water all over coop

    My girls are 7 weeks old. They are in their coop at night. I’ve hung water from the lowest roost so they have water at night but in the morning the coop is WET! I end up throwing out all the wet shavings into the yard. The roosts are still clean which indicates to me they are NOT roosting yet...
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    7 weeks and water

    My girls are 7 weeks old and in their hen house for the evening. Should I be furnishing them food and water for them when they are in their hen house for the evening?
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    Poop question

    My girls are 6 weeks old. They have been Outside in coop now the last couple of days. One of them has runny poop. Should I be concerned? Yesterday I gave them some meal worms. Too much, too soon? I gave them some lettuce today. They have grit and feed and water. What is your best...
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    Almost 4 weeks old- bad behavior?

    First time Chicky Momma here. My girls are three weeks old and currently in a play pen in the house. It’s been warm during the day so I’ve only used the heat lamp at night. 1. They seem to be starting to be mean to each other, flying at each other.? 2. Medicated or non medicated feed? 3. When...
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