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    Chicks outgrowing brooder, Can they go outside?

    Hi! We have 12 chicks in a 100gal tub as a brooder. They’ve done great but it is abundantly clear that they have outgrown it now. We live in Central Florida area so I know we’re the warmest of the states but I am still concerned as the temps are all over the place. Some nights get down to 32 and...
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    Coop Help- design

    Hi! Can anyone suggest a good resource for coop plans? We’ve tried so many and bought several and once we get them they’re just over the top. We want to build a coop for 10-12 chickens, lean to style, with a run attached. I would love any ideas, suggestions etc. we chose the lean to style...
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    Hi! We just bought a house on several acres and planned to do a coup and chickens. The woman who owned the home before had a coup and 1 lonely chicken (the others were picked off by predators). I planned to learn as I went but I got thrown in to the middle of it with an existing coup and chicken...
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