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    Sneezing 8-10 week chick

    If an 8 week old chicks is sneezing what should my first step be to treat it? I did notice a small air bubble form out of the nostril after sneezing. Other than being a bit sleepy, normal activity. No body else is exhibiting sneezing. I use Hemp bedding mixed with Diametri...dust and a bit...
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    Need advice administering Amoxiclavin to a 5-week Frizzle

    How quickly can liquid Amoxiclavin start to relieve respiratory issues in a 5-week old Frizzle? Prescription for 14 days, but how soon might I notice improvement? Eating, drinking, pooping, but very sleepy and lethargic-in transit shipping lasted 2 full days. In my care for 3 days and...
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