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    Mystery illness - please help

    New chicken tender here. My chickens were all born around the beginning of June 2020. Up until the last 30 days my 20 chickens have had an impeccable bill of health. Recently 6 of the flock has been stricken with fowl pox. I immediately separated them. About 2-3 weeks after separation I found...
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    Aloof chickens raised with 2 Guineas

    So I am raising flock number 2 with 4 hens and 2 guinea fowl. I wanted to raise the guineas with chickens so they would be a little tamer and not so prone to roam, which has worked like a charm . The only thing I have noticed is that the hens raised with the guineas are the flightiest, most...
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    What kind of rooster is this please!

    Any idea what kind of roo this is? Many thanks!
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    Red bumps on beaks, combs a bit raw

    Hello everyone, I just noticed my flock of month old chicks all seem to have some variation of red bump on their beaks with red slightly raw combs. One of the 6 even has a bubbly wet eye. What in the world is happening!
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    Easter egger with watery eye

    I just noticed my month old easter egger chick has a watery eyes and a bit of a tore up comb. Not sure if this is respitory. Should I go pick up some meds from tractor supply?
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    Watery eye

    My easter egger chick, hatched August 23 has a watery eye. What is this and should I go pick up some kind of medicine from tractor supply? Her comb looks a little bit rashy as well. Any help is extremely appreciated.
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    Two month old pullet. What breed though?

    Hatchery said easter egger but looks nothing like the 4 other easter egger chicks I bought. Could this be a different breed?
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    Cornish cross - What gender?

    Hey somehow a cornish cross got mixed in with our flock and we are keeping iy so I'm wondering if it's a roo or a hen? Thanks in advance.
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    Newly hatched chick noisy in incubator

    me and my daughter just watched our first chick hatch, now that the chick is out it's chirping so loudly inside the incubator . The thermometer says 99.5 degrees and humidity shot up to 85% from 70% when the egg opened up.What could be the problem? Is this normal?
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    Is this polish? Is it a hen or roo? Thanks in advance!

    Is this polish? Is it a hen or roo? Thanks in advance!
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    Raising keets with chicks

    Hoping to raise a couple keets in my new brood of 6 chicks. How old should the keets be when I introduce them. Should they be young or can they be 3 or so weeks old? I'm noticing these guinea meets are a whole lot more "flighty" than chicks. Or should I put the 3 week old keets in the coop with...
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