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    snow in run

    Thx! The run is 36’x13’ and I just put as a wind break across 18’ of the back. It keeps the bedding dry but still plenty of ventilation
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    snow in run

    This is genius!! I put up three across the back of my run yesterday. We then got 2.5” of rain last night. Normally, today, I’d be out scraping wet bedding out of the run, because of the wind blowing it in. The sawdust isn’t even damp! Genius!!!
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    Buy? Or Build? Heeeeellllllppppp!!

    Hi! Let me start by saying, I have 4 chickens in a pre-built house, and 5 ducks in a pre-built house. My advice is just make sure you build an awesome fence, and give them a roof (even if it’s a tarp, over the prebuilt. They’ll last for many years. My fence is dug down 9” below the dirt line &...
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    Fun "Social-Distancing" Things To Do With Chickens During Covid 19

    Till the garden up and let them hunt for grubs & wormies!
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    Official BYC Poll: How Long Have You Been Raising Chickens?

    Gosh, it’s hard to believe in 3 months it will be 21 years since my 1st peeps! Our move to Virginia 5/19 was the 1st time I ever built my pen (aka: the fortress), pond, etc ALL by myself—Putting to use everything I’ve learned over the last 2 decades. 28x10 feet of enclosed paradise, with 2...
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