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  1. kcan2

    Seriously? Breaking Broody

    Facts: My name is pretty girl I am about 1 year old I am a sebright/d'uccle bantam mix My owner is newer to chickens (especially broodies) I lay about 8 small eggs and then go broody I do some hard time in broody jail and reluctantly snap out of it in 3-6 days, not before During this time I...
  2. kcan2

    Why do my chickens dine on dandelions?

    In addition to their normal bug-hunting, I noticed that my chickens specifically eat dandelion leaves (not the flowers) pretty often. Besides attempting to remind me to eat more salad, does anyone know why they like dandelion leaves so much? They actually have me wondering of there is...
  3. kcan2

    Incredible awful grain/mold mite infestation keeping me awake at night!

    The culprit: 50lb flock raiser crumbles from Purina. Our entire garage is completely infested with grain mites which I didn't notice until I noticed (or felt) them crawling up my arm after I scooped out some feed. I could tell you my long, sad story about our attempts to battle these creatures...
  4. kcan2

    Any creative builders out there that could offer automatic chicken door input?

    Any ideas as to how I could flush mount an automatic coop door around the white 2 x 4 trim pieces? You can see how the edges jut out around the door (red arrows). Also pictured: the coop door from the inside.
  5. kcan2

    Do raised scales always mean scaly leg mites?

    I noticed today that my hen's feet are looking a little rough. Which confuses me, because she has not been outside very much all winter. My coop had been parked in the garage, with pine shavings that are changed frequently, and a sand bath. Any ideas why her scales might look this way?
  6. kcan2

    Chicken TV

    ISO chickens watching chickens! In light of recent events, have anyone else's chickens been binge-watching youtube? Here is a picture of my hen watching hens while enjoying a snack. Of course, she doesn't consider herself a pet or anything like that.
  7. kcan2

    My feeder has a bottomless pit...

    So, I finally made a pvc gravity feeder and was patting myself on the back for about 5 minutes. But, trapped in the neverending cycle of continuous chicken improvement, I would like to seal off the bottom 3-4 inches or so, so pellets don't end up in the bottomless pit and never get touched (or...
  8. kcan2

    Can chickens eat chia?

    Random question: I have this huge amount of chia seeds that no one in my house seems to want to eat, so I was wondering, can I safely feed them in some form to my chickens? Maybe sprout them? If so, how do I do that? Thoughts/experiences?
  9. kcan2

    Rooster struck at husband, now me. What can I do?

    The other day my husband was feeding my two chickens and he said that the rooster flew at his hand when he tried to pet him. I didn't see it, but today when I was feeding the chickens, my rooster struck at my hand...twice. I'm not sure what to do or how to nip this behavior to get my precious...
  10. kcan2

    Chicken Complaints

    Last month, I was venting to a family member RE: my chickens. In the interest of the struggles of new chicken ownership, especially during winter, I thought I would post part of the communication: This being the third day of the New Year in which vision is 20/20, I thought I would acquaint you...
  11. kcan2

    One mopey hen, winter blues?

    Hello all, I became a new chicken owner this past fall and got my first egg on Dec. 19. We got eggs every other day or so until just after New Year's. However, my hen has not laid any new eggs since then, and I wondered if this is normal. She is the only small hen I could find for my rooster...
  12. kcan2

    White crusty spots on comb tips - treatment advice needed

    My d'uccle rooster has a weird crusty patch that started on one tip of his comb and now appears to be on more of the tips. At first I thought it was cottage cheese residue but realized it wont pull off. He has been in a heated garage all winter that has not been below 35 degrees. What could it...
  13. kcan2

    First egg!!! Now what?

    My hen laid her very first egg ever today! This was all very exciting as I am a new chicken owner and she is my first hen...but now I have questions! 1. What happens if I leave it? My rooster already "put it back to bed" in the pine shavings; he dug it a little hole. 2. How long can it stay...
  14. kcan2

    Hen not having it

    A short poem from the perspective of my new little hen regarding the advances of my rooster: Not Having It Today he tried to get me to eat some cheese but I was really not having it Yesterday he circled me and dropped a wing but seriously I'm not that into having it He's got nice feet...
  15. kcan2

    Tweaky the Parrotlet Intro

    Who: This is my parrotlet named Tweaky. Status: When he remembers not to squawk, he likes to use attention grabbers such as hanging upside down in his cage and saying peek-a-boo, or his own name, "Tweaky." He believes these strategies to be highly effective and employs them multiple times a...
  16. kcan2

    Hands-Off the Chicken

    It seems in attempting to appear in the line of “expert,” one must always fall short in some aspect or be humbled by those more knowledgeable. Therefore, I claim no expertise in any one thing, excepting that I can’t seem to stop wanting to hold a chicken. I know that this habit probably goes...
  17. kcan2

    Dust bath question

    What do you all put in your dust baths? I put sand in mine but my chicken doesnt seem to be using it much. He got in it the one day (pictured) but didn't roll around much and hasn't been in it much since. Also, does the size matter? Mine might be too small... (the food bowl isn't in it normally)
  18. kcan2

    Girlfriends needed, but how?

    Hello all, I have a single young bantam d'uccle rooster and was looking to get him a mottled cochrin hen and a mille de fleur hen. Being totally new to chickens, I am wondering if it even possible to find specific breeds at this time of year and how to get them here safely (despite the cold)...
  19. kcan2

    The Pancake Predator

    I thought the best way to introduce myself and how I came to be here might be through this letter I wrote to some interested family members. :) To Whom It May Concern, It might be of interest to you that over the course of the summer, through no initiative of my own, I joined the ranks of...
  20. kcan2

    Bachelor rooster

    Hello all, I have always wanted chickens but in August one came from across the street to find me! Thanks to all of the helpful posts on this board, I was able to identify him as a porcelain d'uccle (rooster, I think?). Since buying him, I have been patting myself on the back for his improved...
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