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  1. Sleek28

    Coturnix Quail Hatching Question

    Hi Y’all! So my Coturnix quail hen has started laying fertilized eggs. I collect them everyday, so she doesn’t have the opportunity to sit on her eggs. If I️ left them in there, would she go broody and sit on them? I’m new to Coturnix quail so I’m not quite sure if they are good parents. Thanks!
  2. Sleek28

    Hatching eggs with body heat?

    Hi y’all! I️ have seen videos of hatching eggs with body heat from both A Chick Called Albert and Fat Hen Farms. I️ am interested in trying this and was wondering if y’all thought it would work. I️ am a bit skeptical for several reasons. How would someone maintain a high enough humidity? Won’t...
  3. Sleek28

    Back again: Is this a fertile egg? Chicken Version

    Hi y’all! I️ have 21 hens and 2 roosters (who I️ got this year). I️ have seen both of them trying to mount the chickens, but I️ can’t tell if they are getting the job done or not. Thanks in Advance! Here’s a couple more pics:
  4. Sleek28

    Fertile egg?

    Hi y’all! I’m new to quail and just got my first egg. I️ can’t tell if it’s fertilized or not. Thanks in Advance!
  5. Sleek28

    What gender is this Polish?

    I️ found this picture from when my mom was younger, the chicken is an unknown age. This is a very beautiful bird, so I️ was wondering what the gender of it may be. Thanks in Advance!
  6. Sleek28

    Cross Breeding Question

    Hi y’all! I️ recently got 2 Coturnix females to keep my California male company. They are all the same size and get along really well. They are all around the same age as well. Is there any chance that I️ can hatch out eggs in the future? Hypothetically, it should work, but I’m not sure...
  7. Sleek28

    What is this Bird?

    Hi y’all! I️ was wondering if anyone could tell me what breed of domestic waterfowl this is: I️ had this picture sent to me with the question so I️ was hoping y’all could figure it out. I️ was thinking maybe Goose, but I️ can’t find any breeds of Geese that look like that. Thanks! DC
  8. Sleek28

    My Duck Disappeared!

    Hello, *Context*: I️ have 3, 4 month old Khaki Campbell ducks. I️ have 2 drakes and 1 duck named Bonnie (we are in the process of getting more females). My Family and I️ went on a camping trip from Friday Night to Sunday morning, we got home at around noon on Sunday. I️ went out to do...
  9. Sleek28

    Chick with green watery poop?

    Hi, I️ have a chick that seems to have dwarfism. He’s always had abnormal poops. What illnesses cause green watery poop? Here’s a few pictures of her: Her name is Kevin and she is a 12 week old CLB. Could stomach problems be the cause of her tiny ness and her stumpy, labored, walking and...
  10. Sleek28

    Questions about Dwarfism in Chicks

    Hello, I️ believe I️ have a CLB chick with Dwarfism. Can anyone please through in some facts and any info y’all might have? I️ can’t seem to find much info anywhere. Thanks in Advance!
  11. Sleek28

    URGENT~Help! I️ have a baby quail!

    I️ found a baby quail in the middle of the road yesterday with no parents to be found. He couldn’t walk very well either. I️ have him in a hard plastic cricket cage that is on a heating pad. I️ have set up food and water. I️ have tried to smash up the food to tiny bits and placed a coin in it...
  12. Sleek28

    Poult imprinted on Chick?

    So I️ have a 7 week old chick that is a bit of a runt that stays in the incubator inside so that I️ can give her vitamins. My 2 day old turkey poult is all alone so we put her in the incubator to keep Kevin company. Now Kevin has always enjoyed the younger chicks vs the ones her age because they...
  13. Sleek28


    Hello, I️ was wondering what the symptoms of coccidis are. I️ think my 7 week old chick has it, but I’m not certain. Maybe y’all could help me figure out what is making her sick. Thank you! DC
  14. Sleek28

    Broken egg still alive and beating all odds?

    So I️ have a turkey hen sitting on her nest of 23 eggs that are due on Friday. Not all of the eggs started getting incubated at the same time due to 2 hens laying in the same nest. Yesterday morning I️ found a turkey egg across the yard that was broken, the chicken hens were fussing about it...
  15. Sleek28

    Chick Foot Problems?

    So, I️ noticed that this chick, named Kevin, had been limping since the I️ got her. I️ didn’t think much of it. I️ had checked her feet and the looked fine. This morning I️ notice that the way she waswalking on her feet was a little odd. The rear toe of her left foot seems to be deformed. The...
  16. Sleek28

    Will We Get Breakfast or Babies?

    Hey Y’all! I’m trying to sex my 6 chicks that are 6-7 weeks old. We have 4 Cream Leg-bars and 2 Golden Laced Wyandotte’s. They are all the same age but there is one CLb that has completely different looking feathers and is pretty underdeveloped for his age. Thanks in advance! Chick #1-CLb...
  17. Sleek28

    Golden Laced Wyandotte Questions

    Hi! I️ was wondering if my 2 Golden Laced Wyandotte’s are Roos or Pullets. Also, did anyone else’s G.L.W.’s have silver lacing through their breast area? I️ got them from the local feed store. #1 #2
  18. Sleek28

    Tiny, Underdeveloped chick? Please help!

    Hi! I️ recently got 4 Cream Legbars from our local feed store. I️ believe they were all around a week old and they were all the same size. After about a week, 3 of them starting growing feathers and the other 1(Kevin) still looked the same as the week before. They all were growing at the same...
  19. Sleek28

    Turkey’s and Their Eggs

    Howdy! This thread is really for anything turkey! Pictures are always welcome. That being said, I️ have 2 turkey hens that have been laying eggs in the same nest the entire time it has been there. They were previously laying in a different nest that was not covered from predators at all, so...
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