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    Quail pacing often - don't know why

    Hi everybody, No other threads about quail pacing could really answer what's going on with my button quail. I'm sick and groggy so this post is a little rambly, bear with me. She has been pacing a lot for a while, probably over a month. She used to do it for a short while and then would stop...
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    Quail died, need help diagnosing

    Hey everybody, Unfortunately I found one of my button quail dead this morning, and I'd like to see if there are any signs I should look for with the body to make sure it wasn't a disease or parasite that the other quail in the cage could get. I thought the cause might have been dehydration...
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    Cages for button quails? (Not DIY cages)

    Hi everybody, I used to have a large tank for my buttons that I divided in two when they got to 6 weeks, but it was a hassle to haul around when I needed to so I resold it to a friend. I got an idea from a Facebook group to get a large guinea pig cage for them instead, but I did not realise...
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    Sand dyed my quails!

    So since the orange sand bag was the cheapest they had at the store that didn't have grains too fine that was what I got, but unfortunately and hilariously it has dyed my buttons orange. Is the dye in the sand harmful to them? Either way I think I'm going to switch what I use for their baths.
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    Male button quail chasing female

    Hi there, I wasn't able to upload a video, but I have two male button quails that have been chasing after one of the female quails today. One of them (the original chasing quail, before the other one joined in) seemed to be attempting to peck at her. My quails, most likely two males and three...
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