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  1. charleston

    First Eggs and now not laying.

    We started with two different batches of chicks this spring, one set in mid May and the second set mid June. They are White Rock, Barbezieux and Bresse. I am not sure which ones but they started laying a few small eggs mid September, we maybe had ten eggs total in that time. And for 2-3 weeks...
  2. charleston

    Creek Sand

    I am hoping to use sand in our coop. There is a local company that has Creek Sand available. This is what they said and pictures they sent. Do you think this sand is the correct kind to use? “In regards to it containing silica, we are honestly not sure if the creek sand has that in it. We do...
  3. charleston

    Has any had trouble with sand in their coop?

    I am hoping to use sand in our new coop that will have guineas and chickens. I understand sand with silica is not a good idea. Has anyone used sand in your coop and regretted it? If so, why?
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