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  1. aaknight

    ISO Marans Hatching Eggs

    Try gypsy hen in Oklahoma. Shegot great birds, where I get mine and her eggs are huge and dark.
  2. aaknight

    ISO Wheaton Maran Hatching eggs.

    There is a breeder in Oklahoma called Gypsy hen. She has some of the most beautiful, dark laying wheatons I've seen. You can Google her.
  3. aaknight

    Trying to understand wheaten-blue Marans Genetics.

    Hi, I have a small wheaten-blue wheaten flock, I have a 3 wheaten/blue-wheaten and 2 blue birchens. I have a rooster and hens of each, and they are different pens/blood lines. When I bought them, the breeder told me that the Wheaten/blue-wheaten were a hybrid and did not breed true. I'm just...
  4. aaknight

    Hen Eating Her Chicks?

    Kinda sounds like a snake to me. I would relocate them if possible. And, if it continued, I'd set up an old cell phone to record video.
  5. aaknight

    Butchered my first chicken/animal

    Good for you. Congratulations.
  6. aaknight

    Aggressive rooster and small children, really need some answers asap

    Depending on breed, those spurs are no joke!
  7. aaknight

    Devastated... Lost 7 of 13 chicks last night.

    A shock collar with a remote for your dog might be worth looking at. A few buzzes might help the dogs reprioritize their curiosities.
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