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  1. Tabitha31

    Broken bill

    So found my duck this morning has a broken top bill. Will he be okay like this? I'm not sure how it happened. Worried about his health.
  2. Tabitha31

    Chicken and duck mom.

    I joined this page because I recently decided to add a couple of ducks to my hen house. Dont ask me why 😆 The group has been very helpful so far with some of my questions and concerns on raising ducks. I've had my chickens this time for about three years. We had a flock a few years ago but got...
  3. Tabitha31

    A little duck help....

    So I decided to add a couple of ducks to my backyard flock. I got 2 as babies but one died early. That left my cayuga to be raised alone. He befriended the dog and follows her around, but recently it seems he is trying to mate the dog. I just went an got a female pekin duck to add to his "flock"...
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