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  1. mcchapin

    Buy? Or Build? Heeeeellllllppppp!!

    I live in Hawaii at 2500’ elevation. It gets up to 90 in the summer and down to 45 in the winter - no frost but lots of wind and mist. I don’t know how comparable it is to where you live. We do have predators in the form of hawks, mongoose and goats that can bust through chicken wire. I built my...
  2. mcchapin

    Adding attached run to formex snap lock coop for first chicken house

    I’ve been doing the same research. If price isn’t an issue, go to Chicken You will find the Formex Snap and Lock coops with runs and wheels. Just on line the coop is about $850. The ones on Chicken Condo are around $1500 - $2000.
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