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  1. Komaki

    Inside Job

    I have had my share of preditor problems from time to time like anyone else. But this puts a new twist on predation. About a month ago, my son went to collect eggs. We had expected 60 odd eggs. Not even 1 was to be found. This went on for some two weeks or so. FF to 4 days ago, we found a single...
  2. Komaki

    Law VS Ducks

    My wife and I have been taking our ducks to swim in a local creek since they were 12ish days old. Yesterday the game warden told me not to do it any longer. I checked the laws and found nothing that says I can't. Anyone else have this happen, or is it just me?
  3. Komaki

    WTH I just can do it!

    Why is it that no matter what I do, I just cant get a picture on here? I've watched that dang video a hundred times. Still won't work. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? I can do it everywhere but here. Is it my breath?
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