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  1. merrymegseggs

    Lost feathers on tummy advice please

    Hi one of our chickens has lost her feathers along the centre of her breast (doesn't look sore), she lost the in May. She also has 2 bare spots on top where her wings join her body. These do look sore. I spoke to a friend (a retired vet) he said if it was mites all the birds would show signs but...
  2. merrymegseggs

    Thrilled with our first hatch (pics)

    Hi we are so excited our broody bantam managed to hatch 5 out of 5 of our duck eggs. 2 mini silver appleyards and 3 mini silver appleyard cross Cayugas. Our tame mallard has decided to sit on 11eggs at the beginning of the week too. If they all hatch we may need to find some homes for them. Any...
  3. merrymegseggs

    Hatching advice please

    Soooo excited we have our first ever egg starting to hatch. Our little Peking bantam has been sat on 5 duck eggs for 27days and tonight there is the beginning of a crack in the shell of one egg. I have read all I can find but really could do with more to read on what happens in the hatch and...
  4. merrymegseggs

    Moving a broody and her clutch help pls

    Hi I'm a newbie here and to incubating eggs We have a broody silkie bantam sat on 5 duck eggs, it's day 21. I read that I should separate her from the rest of our hens, so just tried putting her in a rabbit hutch with her eggs. They were snuggled in their nest but she stressed and didn't sit on...
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