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  1. Lavakusa

    How Do You Treat Paraphimosis in Dogs

    I have Street dog Unfortunately he's penis came out Called paraphimosis How can I handle it at home Let me help ..My poor dog
  2. Lavakusa

    My rooster get sick help me out

    I just raise my chickens to naturally Right now my rooster at 8months old Get sick May it's seems like a flu They sit some place sit and sleep ... Walks well ..Eat little bit
  3. Lavakusa

    Swelling on my Little chick legs

    I have 2months old little chick And I observed chick legs was swelling Right now chick was fine Eat well,drink well, sleep well But I'm little nervous about my chick
  4. Lavakusa

    Need help for my lovable hen

    I just observe my chiken nest there was tiny mites and she was irritate with it Not able to sit comfortable ....... She's doing dust bath once a day Best suggestions needed...... Thanks in advance
  5. Lavakusa

    Egg binding

    I'm helpless at the moment Egg binding to my lovable hen No epsom salt no petroleum jelly I give her hot bath and and Rub her vent but nothing come out And i realize its must be break then egg i use my index finger for break Now she seems fine But I'm worried Only few food taken...
  6. Lavakusa

    Little chicks mortality

    I have few hens recently all my hens hatch chicks Those was fine until 2,3 weeks Then sick ,drop their wings , stomach swelling ,lose weight Finally died Till 20 chicks are died As same -ACV regular -antibiotic regular - good food regular -nice bedding regular But Mortality happend...
  7. Lavakusa

    Help needed for my little baby chicks

    I have many hens and their little baby chicks And one of the baby chick seems to be sick she can't move actively I see her little legs it's little swelling I don't think so its a bumble foot Is it possible And I have serious problem on my little baby chicks They have a digestion...
  8. Lavakusa

    My hen eat their baby 'swings

    Still i didn't find what accurate issues she has My hen ate their little baby wings Help me out
  9. Lavakusa

    My little chicken leg was broken accidentally

    My 2months old little chicken leg was broken i accidentally through a stick and she was there her leg broken Her leg was swing no more action Plz help me I need to save her It's my mistake and I need to solve Help me
  10. Lavakusa

    I can't find cause of death to my hen

    Hello all, I have lot of hens on my flock And one hen was hit on one leg by ****ing bicker But it's not Broken but skin tear also ankle little broken and bone appear on legs . i can't do a suction And I applied betadine for stop infection And bandaged entire leg And given 0.5 ml...
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