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  1. Louise Waffles

    Buckeye with raggedy feathers & spurs!

    I have a buckeye hen named Julie Ruin who is just over a year and a half old. I barely saw her through the end of summer and most of fall as I was recovering from injuries and not able to care for my birds myself. Julie Ruin is not preening her feathers. They look all scraggly. And she has...
  2. Louise Waffles

    Prepping for new arrival

    I'm getting a lone silkie rooster from a BYC member, he's been shipped and due to arrive today. I have a quarantine A-frame coop in a yard not adjacent to my main chicken yard. He will stay in the coop while I'm gone (not very often) and have the run of the yard during the day. The coop is not...
  3. Louise Waffles

    Crazy broody musvovy

  4. Louise Waffles

    Incubator advice needed

    I need an incubator, for small batches of eggs, that is inexpensive and reliable. I would not want to have to turn the eggs myself, because human error and sometimes I have to be gone for 16 hour days. I don't even know how often one would turn them. Anyway, want to hatch some eggs from a...
  5. Louise Waffles

    ☆Post Prolapse Care- need advice ☆

    I have a hen that prolapsed two days ago. I put everthing back where it belonged, and have her in a crate inside. I'n keeping her covered all but a couple hours a day, removing her cover so she can eat & drink. How long should Indo this? How many hours of light CAN she have a day? She lays extra...
  6. Louise Waffles

    Aloe Vera For Chicken Liver Function?

    I want to give aloe vera to one chicken who seems to be suffering from liver malfunction. Can I get the supplement capsules for her? Or does it need to be juice mixed into water? She is an older hen, the only one looking a little jaundiced, so any other recommendations are appreciated.
  7. Louise Waffles

    mystery egg

    All of my hens are supposed to lay brown eggs. I have one lone leghorn laying a white egg. The weird thing is, I have been finding TWO white eggs every day. One is very large, and one is almost as small as a bantam egg. I have naked necks, RIR, buckeyes, barred rocks, delawares, speckled sussex...
  8. Louise Waffles

    Drain site on hen still leaking, she wants out

    I have a leghorn hen, she is probably 3 years old. I've treated her for a fluid accumulation in her abdomen. I didn't measure, but I drained some and she soaked a large bathtowel overnight. She is very thin. I thought she would eat after she was drained (late Saturday night), but showed no...
  9. Louise Waffles

    How to Kill Weed Trees

    I have some invasive weed trees (trees of heaven, haha, so NOT) along a fence line that has been kind of neglected. I want to kill them and use the fence as a trellis to grow cucuzzi squash. Can I do it without chemicals? My birds free range along this property, but I need the trees gone to free...
  10. Louise Waffles

    Red Ranger in Vegetarian's Flock

    A non-chicken keeping neighbor found a red ranger rooster and buff orp in a cardboard box on his porch. I took them in (maybe they were meant for me anyway), quarantined for 8 weeks, etc etc. Anyway, I only recently found out Jack was a red ranger broiler. Since all chickens and ducks here live...
  11. Louise Waffles

    Roo with abscess!

    I have a roo that got an injury on his wattle. This grew into a nasty infection. Unfortunately, we were all ill ourselves and didn't catch it in time. His wattles were insanely swollen, and there is a hard lump between them under his chin. I put him on Pennchlor 64 (it's been 10 days), and the...
  12. Louise Waffles

    New Member from Illinois

    I'm a tiny home dweller and vegetarian homesteader in Illinois. Homeschooling mom of three, with a flock of about 50 chickens & ducks, a pack of 4 dogs, & some cats. I love libraries, journaling, and,of course, my "zoo". Happy to say hello to all! :)
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