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  1. Jamalt1

    Buff suddenly screaming

    One of our Buff Orpingtons has started screaming throughout the day. It has been going on for a week. She is walking around the run, not acting broody by staying in a nesting box. Every few minutes she will just give out one loud yell. We have ten chickens and none has acted like this before...
  2. Jamalt1

    Suddenly clucking very loudly! Others suddenly trying to fly to the top of the run.

    We have 5 chickens, who are 16 weeks old. 3 are Buff Orpingtons, 2 are Easter Eggers. All of a sudden today, one of the Buffs started clucking loudly and nonstop. It has been going on for hours. All 5 of the birds are staying close together. However, the two Easter Eggers tried a few times to...
  3. Jamalt1

    Help with gender and breed needed!

    These were both sold as "Easter Eggers". They are 11 weeks old. #1 The first looks like an Ameraucana hen to me, but can't say for sure not a rooster. #2 is not as clear to me. Any help with breed? I think a hen, but any thoughts? #3 Finally, I think the writing...
  4. Jamalt1

    Coop right against house?

    Does anyone have a coop that is right up against their house? We are going to get 6 chicks in a couple of months and am planning the coop and run. I have an area outside of our finished basement where we could put the coop and run. That way we could watch the chickens from the windows in the...
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