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    9wk old chick keeps falling over

    I am a first time chicken owner and recently introduced growing pellets to the chicken crumb, since then it seems to be wobbly on its feet and keeps falling over. we think it’s a he and he is 9 weeks old is it the feed or should I be taking him to the vets
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    Can anyone tell me what breed and sex my chicks are please.

    I have hatched these chicks myself and have only some idea what breeds I have. can anyone clear this up for me please?
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    My first Chicks

    i Have 4 chickens that I brought as eggs from ebay. I now have 4 different looking chicks and I would love to know what breeds they are to properly take care off them. any help grateful
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    I have 4 little chicks, all different breeds

    Hi, I brought some eggs and put them in the incubator (as you do). They have hatched all different breeds and now I don’t know how to tell if I have any pullets
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