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  1. louiseschwieker

    Duck gender?

    I have 2 ducks who both supposedly hatched April 27th (2 months old?) The white one is a pekin and the brown one is a khaki Cambell. Or that's what they were sold to me as. Can you tell the gender at this age or is it still too early? And what signs should I look for? Thanks!
  2. louiseschwieker

    Cold rainy weather

    I'm in Alabama where the temperature is around 46°F and it's currently raining. All of the chickens like to walk around and stand out in the rain, even when it's this cold. Should I be worried about them?
  3. louiseschwieker

    Ivermectin Overdose?

    I have a hen who is about 2 years old I gave her some Ivermectin on her back for mites. I think I put too much on her and I don't know what to do because she's acting lethargic. And she won't eat. Is there anything that I can give her to rid it of her body
  4. louiseschwieker

    Eye mites

    My chicken hasn't been feeling well for around 2 weeks and I JUST noticed she has little mites all over her eyes. I posted a couple times about a possible respiratory infection and I've been giving her antibiotics this whole time like an idiot, not noticing her eyes up close. I bathed her body...
  5. louiseschwieker

    Swollen eyes

    I have a hen who is about 2 years old. she's had something wrong with her eyes for about 2 weeks now. The first week I have her tylan 50 and this week I'm giving her oxytetractcline. I've also been putting microcyn eye gel in her eye for a while also. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. louiseschwieker


    Can antibiotics be given to chickens for more than 1 round? If so how do I do it time-wise? I posted in here not too long ago about my sick buff silkie. I gave her Tylan 50 twice a day for a week and she improved. I've also put terramycin opthalmic ointment in her eye for a about a week and a...
  7. louiseschwieker

    Chicken eye stuck shut?

    I have a hen who is about 3 years old, her eye is stuck shut and it would take a lot for me to get it open. Her other eye is fine. She's very weak but she is eating and drinking. She is also walking around and scratching. What could this be? I've been injecting 1/4 cc of tylan intramuscularly...
  8. louiseschwieker

    Sex of turkey poult?

    I have this turkey poult who is about 9 weeks old. Can anyone tell me the gender of it? And why you think it's that gender? Thanks!!!
  9. louiseschwieker

    Sex of turkey poult? Bronze breasted

    This poult hatched about 2 months ago. March 21st or around there. I'm worried that it could be a tom because of the way her/his neck looks. Sometimes she (we hope she) will strut but I heard that some girls will do that. I haven't heard any gobbling but she does make some "beeping" sounds...
  10. louiseschwieker

    Sex of this Bronze breasted?

    This poult hatched about 2 months ago. March 21st or around there. I'm worried that it could be a tom because of the way her/his neck looks. Sometimes she (we hope she) will strut but I baby heard that some girls will do that. I haven't heard any gobbling but she does make some "beeping" sounds...
  11. louiseschwieker

    Vent prolapse?

    So my hen has had a vent issue for a few days, there is no tissue hanging out of her vent, it's just swollen underneath the opening. She has normal looking poop and everything. Can someone tell me what this is? I'll be able to post pictures as soon as I'm able to get them.
  12. louiseschwieker


    Is this a tumor on my chickens neck??? Is it mareks? Any help would be appreciated
  13. louiseschwieker

    Multiple issues.

    Okay so my 2ish year old hen started out with a swollen closed eye, I started to give her duramycin and it's improved a lot. Her eye is closed but no longer swollen. Then she started to limp, leading up what I think is partial leg paralysis or something like that. I'm treating her with 1ml of...
  14. louiseschwieker


    I have a sizzle that is over a year old. She's been taking oxytetracycline watwe for a respiratory infection for aboht 2 weeks i think. A few days ago she started limping and it's been getting worse. I've also noticed her vent is red and swollen. Not swollen in the abdomen, just her vent. It's...
  15. louiseschwieker

    Respiratory infection?

    About 2-3 days ago i noticed that my sizzle had a very swollen eye. When i open her eye it is very wet and bubbly. She stayed to herself instead of with the flock. I immediately took her inside and gave her 1tbsp of duramycin per gallon of water and make sure she has food im her cage. I also use...
  16. louiseschwieker

    Hen has knee injury

    My hen has started limping 2 days ago and I checked her foot to make sure it was injured by squishing it, it didn't seem to hurt her. Moved her knee and hip around to see if it hurt her and her knee seemed to make her hurt. I separated her from the other chickens 2 days ago and today I gave her...
  17. louiseschwieker

    Wry neck advice

    I have a 1 year old hen who has severe wry neck. I'm not sure if it's from an injury or what but here's the story.. A little over a week ago I noticed that her eye was closed. It got extremely bad over the next day so I brought her inside. She was scratching it a lot and I honestly think that's...
  18. louiseschwieker

    Wry neck?

    My chicken has had an eye issue for a week now. She's been scratching it very hard and I'm worried she has wry neck because of the vigorous scratching. She is a year old tomorrow (finally did the math correctly). I'm already treating her eye with terramycin and I'm giving her poly vi sol without...
  19. louiseschwieker

    Swollen/itchy eye and tilted head HELP

    I have a chicken that has a very swollen and itchy eye. She walks around with her head tilted to the side and doesn't like it when I try to make her neck straight to look at her eye. She also seems like her throat is swollen in a way. She can breathe but it seems as if when I touch it, it...
  20. louiseschwieker

    Chicken with swollen eye

    My chicken is about 2 years old and her eye is really swollen. I treated her for her itchy eye (because of swelling I guess) and a respiratory infection for about a week (used vet rx in her water and put ophthalmic gel in and around her eye) and she seemed to be getting better but it just now...
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