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  1. lynxs1981

    The odd balls.

    This little girl is about 6 months old. Any guesses as to what she is? I actually have two, both hens.
  2. lynxs1981

    Air cell

    One of my 19 day old eggs quit, so I opened it up to see what happened. I gently removed the cap off the air cell first and checked for movement, as advised on this website. The poor little chick was dead. My question is, the air cell membrane on the chick side was kinda sucked in towards the...
  3. lynxs1981

    Springfield PreciseTemp Thermo/Hygro

    Just a bit of info for people new to incubating, like myself. While the cheap Wal-Mart "Springfield PreciseTemp Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer" seems appealing, it must be calibrated first. If you didn't happen to look at the back of the package before buying, it is listed as being +/- 5 degrees...
  4. lynxs1981

    Day 14 Candling

    So it's day 14 for my batch of eggs. I candled them a bit ago and they all appear undeveloped for being 14 days, granted they one's that didn't get picthed appear healthy and moving. According to my thermo it's been 99-100 most of the time. Think I should turn it up a bit, maybe another .5? Any...
  5. lynxs1981

    Going broody or normal?

    I have a EE hen who has been hanging around the nest boxes. This morning I found her in the nest box, laying as usual. One of my other girls laid en egg, and just out of curiosity I stuck it in the box with the first girl. She pecked it, then pushed it under her. Is this a sign of possibly...
  6. lynxs1981

    My new stray

    So about a week ago I found a stray hen wandered into my flock. I grabbed her and kept her in quarantine since. This morning I went to check on her and found an egg; she's already paying her keep. Any idea's what she is? I've never had a chicken that laid green eggs; it's pale green.
  7. lynxs1981

    Silkie boy

    What do you guys think about this comb? It seems odd for a silkie to me. Cross maybe?
  8. lynxs1981

    Pheonix, OEG, unsure.

    I picked these two up from the local feed store when they were chicks, and it's still a mystery to me what they are. At first I was thinking phoenix, but then I saw the silver duckwing OEG, and now I'm kind of at a loss. Any ideas? Sorry for the pics being blurry, they wouldn't sit still long...
  9. lynxs1981

    Japanese Bantams

    Hi everyone. I'm new to Japanese bantams and am unsure of their gender. I've seen both roos and hens with combs. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm about 100% this is a roo. Unsure about this one.
  10. lynxs1981

    Merging Silkies

    Hi, I have a couple of silkies I am going looking to be introducing into my flock. It's a small flock I just started, 8 birds. I was going to cage them separate in the same pen for a while just to get them acquainted. I was told that I shouldn't mix them because it's likely the others would...
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